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Just the life and times of a silly girl, her dachshunds and all things Southern!

Face of a Clean Dog...

How come no one told me that adding vinegar to your puppy shampoo makes life so much easier?!?!

Although the vinegar made the shampoo cold, when you wash your dog something miraculous happens... The shampoo rinses away completely and so easily.

Dixie girl appreciates anything that will let her get on and out of the tub quickly. :)


Mr. Jasper, my friend here in my own state, honored me with my very first blog award!! We were so excited we had to go outside to bark it to all the neighborhood dogs!

Yay for us!! I couldn't wait to post about my award and award a few of my favorite blogs of my own!! A couple I'm not sure if they are 'under 200' people, but even if they are, perhaps one of you are not following them, so I think that would be ok! :)

Thank you so very much for thinking of us, Jasper!

Liebster Award
These are the rules for the Liebster Award:
1. Thank the giver and link back to them.
2. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 followers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

Here are our picks:
  1. Doxies with Moxie: Not only are these the nicest dachshunds around, they have one of the most generous and talented families ever! We hope to have Mrs. Agnes make us something really soon!
  2. Tales from the Dach Side: Not only do these dachsy owned people have a keen eye for Etsy stuff, they have a great love for our little long dogs! I live for their Friday night Dachshund Videos!! You will BOL!!
  3. Minna Krebs - Blogville, Texas: Not only can you read all about the life of a very pretty wire-haired dachshund, but you can pick up Avon from Lucy the Dachshund. This blog is a 'spew tea all over your desktop' good read.
  4. Bicontinental Dachshund: I know that Milo, Dixie and I are jealous of the adventures of Miss Tootsie! Imagine! She is an American AND Swiss citizen! The pictures of her hikes are swoon worthy!
  5. Hot Dog in the City: Ollie is one of the most handsome dachshunds ever, in our humble opinion. ;) You will love hearing about Mr. Ollie's life and if you take the time to follow Corrin's blog and twitter (Ollie's too) you'll find a laugh a minute!
We might not be the most vocal of posters and commentators, but we stalk your blogs every single post!! Keep them coming... dachshund love is the best kinda love!!

Snow Day!

Although at this point all the snow has disappeared just as quickly as it arrived, I wanted to post some dachshunds in the snow photos! :)

Now I'm off to make some homemade soda bread and homemade french onion soup.
Can you tell I love my days off?

(Don't tell Milo I posted this!!)

Even the snow won't stop Super Nose Dixie!

Where's Milo and Dixie?

Gorgeous temps made it perfect for a long sniff around the back part of our property. This is messy, but it of farm land instead of the carefully manicured lawns of the suburbs.

For Milo and Dixie it's perfection... So many things to sniff and see.

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