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Privacy, You're Doing It Wrong Mom Part II

Thursday quickly became a very, very, very, extremely stressful day. Without going into details one of my many jobs requires working with a client who can be taxing... extremely taxing... Knowing I have to talk to this client makes my neck start hurting. We've taken to calling the knot in my neck after my client's business. Before long, not only do I have a knotted up shoulder and neck, but a full grade headache, a belly full of stress and a desire to climb into bed for a week.

So yesterday I took another bath... bubbly and hot... to relieve some stress this latest bunch of client changes has wrought. One again, a fleet footed dachshund specter bumped open the door with his smoosh and settled in to find out why I needed another dousing.  Only this time instead of staring at me, Newby did his "going to nap" ritual of flipping the cover, this time my bathrobe, over his head and settled into my towel.

What is a girl to do? I stayed in my bath, until I was completely prune skinned and lavender scented to the core, allowing my little furry boyfriend time to capture as many zzz's as possible.

Even after I got out, dried off, dressed, etc, Newby snoozed away beside of the tub. Guess when stress hits me again I need to talk to my little doggy guru about the benefits of a good, cleansing nap.

Privacy? You're Doing It Wrong, Mom!

I have one rule in my house I enforce every.single.Wednesday... "Whoever cleans the tub gets a long, hot, bubbly bath for their trouble". Basically, I see it as my treat for the weekly Wednesday scrubfest required to keep the men in little hazmat suits away from my bathroom.

Yesterday, as every.single.Wednesday, I had company during my long, hot, bubbly bath... >_<  I've taken to leaving the door from my bedroom open so I don't hear the whining and scritching trying to gain access.

I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by three, fleet footed, dachshund specters who wonder what I rolled in outside to warrant a bath.

Wordless Wednesday? Not a Chance! Vote for Newby's Girlfriend and Sister!

Newby here.. taking over the blog for something very important!!  My favorite girl, Lily, and her pretty sister, Muffin, are trying to become centerfold models!!!

Wait, WHOAH!! Hubba, hubba!! Does that mean they will be posing WITHOUT COLLARS ON!!?!?!  (passes out)

GO HERE and scroll down the page and vote for Lily and Muffin, The Doxie Life of Lily and Muffin and their Humans.

Once the winners are announced, by Heart Like a Dog, and the calendar is published proceeds will go to our furend Benny who is fighting liver cancer.

Thanks a bunch!! :)

What Eating a Snack Looks Like at my House

Did I share? Oh heck no!!!!

Weekend Fun: Blue Lick State Park

It was such a lovely weekend. The dogs refused to stay inside. So ROADTRIP! :)
This time we traveled to Blue Lick State Park, around 35 minutes from our house.
Here is a little but about the park: Throughout history, the salt springs at Blue Licks State Park have attracted prehistoric animals, Indians and pioneers such as the legendary Daniel Boone. Many 19th-century southerners came to the area seeking the rejuvenation of the therapeutic, bubbling waters. Blue Licks is more widely known, however, as the site of the last Revolutionary War battle in Kentucky. In 1782, Kentuckians engaged Indians and British soldiers near the Licking River. Outnumbered, Kentucky suffered great losses, including one of Boone's sons. Boone's words, "Enough of honour cannot be paid," are inscribed on the monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers in the Battle of Blue Licks.
We hiked for a mile (would have gone longer but it was hot!!), then slept all evening long. Perfect way to spend a sunny, restless day.

Snuggling.. You're Definitely Doing It Right, Newby!!

**Apparently mom set the auto post to Saturday instead of Friday.. she's getting old in her middle age.

Newby is always up for a good snuggle, but today he is showing us his patented "snuggle like a boss" move... it's guaranteed to keep your mom in bed for many hours. And if you work the eyes just right the amount of belly runs incrementally increase with the soft whine you give between blinks.

Warm Towels.... You're Doing It Right, Newby!!

Sunday and Wednesday are laundry days at my house. Newby has come to love these days like the other two, and by regal divine right demands the warm towel load as his own.

Nice to see him acting like he should.... a four legged king!!

Roaching.... You're Doing it Right, Newby!!

Roaching on your human pupper's bed is ALWAYS the right way to do it.  Especially when none of the other puppers, human or otherwise, can get on the bed with you cause you are hogging it all.

Watching TV.... You're Doing It Wrong, Newby!

We started reading all the posts we had not been able to read** for the last month! Wow! There is so much going on around blogville! :) We are sending hugs to everyone who needs a hug! And we are laughing at all the funny stuff you all get into!

After reading a week's worth I needed to rest my mind and heart and thought to watch TV.  Newby decided to help. O_o As my great grandfather used to say "he makes a great door, but not a great window".  But even so, I'd not have it any other way!! (Though if he does this during the season premiere of NCIS we are going to have a problem!!)

 **I'm not happy with Feedly... it just doesn't have the simplicity of Google Reader.  My Blogger Reader is a mess because I never imported over the things from my Google Reader. I am just an old ---ok, young, very young, staying 35 for the REST OF MY LIFE-- dog who doesn't want to learn a new trick!

Sleeping.... You're Doing It Wrong, Newby!

Sorry for the blogger vacation... it's been crazy around my house.  But even though it's crazy, we seem to always take time for naps.

Newby will only sleep with his head covered... and he tried this time. But it was a bit of a failure... ok to Newby it wasn't a failure at all.

Hope all of you are doing well.. I'll be commenting on Wednesday, cause I miss you all greatly.

Throwback Thursday - Mommy Edition

She was a cute little pupper, wasn't she??

Here she is with a chicken that she doesn't remember. Obviously if she had been given a stuffed dachshund she would be snuggled up with it, even today!
Here she is with her cousins, Jimmy and Greg when she was around 6 months old.  Her Aunt Sylbia is looking on with a knowing look.  She is probably thinking one day her son Greg will tickle that cute little human pupper so much, each time he saw her, so today she is unaffected by tickling.
Apparently horseback riding was something she aspired to do... until she realized they smelled bad.

You know from that look she was confused about the fact the cake would go straight to her hips.

The earliest picture.

Wordless Wednesday - Breakfast on the Porch Edition

Newby is a Big "Help"

Newby has been studying in my off time apparently. He has gotten the "look at me, I'm cute, you don't need to work today... or ever..." thing going on.

Sigh... it's gonna be a long day.

It's Monday All Right

It's been a long weekend watching Newby convalesce. And you know what I mean about watching Newby... means making sure he didn't get to squirrelly and hurt himself further. He seems to be on the road to recovery. 

Right now he is snuggled up with Le Grenouille (the frog), so all is right with the world. 

I will be gone the rest of the week getting ready for my show this weekend. I'll try to post each day, but I may not be able to as much as I would like.

Friday Night Highlights

I didn't share because I didn't think it was a big deal at the time... but Newby broke a back foot nail into the quick.. I was terribly worried when it happened, but a little trimming and all was seemingly well.

All was well... well, until last night... apparently his broken nail made him walk funny which sprained his leg.

So we are spending or Friday night snuggled up with some popcorn, Rocky Road Ice cream, my mattress on the floor, a drugged up dog, and "The Goonies".

Actually, I'd not mind doing this kinda Friday again.. but without any of my puppers being sick.

Best Part/Worst Part About Sunny Days

These pictures are from Monday when the sun was streaming down, we were warm, and mom decided we needed to be wet, too.  You see Mom likes these sunny days because she can give us the dreadful bath then we can go to the porch and dry on the deck.

Lucky for us it's only 70° and rainy today so mom won't bathe us.... right mom?  Right? Uh, Mom... right?!?

*The close up pictures of Newby's head is showing how Dixie has decided to groom him until he is bald... and he lets her!!!!  We have to shoo her off him... it's because fleas and mosquitos are very bad this year and we are having trouble keeping our little ones free of bugs.. in our world one bug is too many... no repellant seems to work, any suggestions?

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