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Furiends... Be thankful.

Yesterday morning we had new neighbors begin to move in to the house 2 doors up. They left their dog, looks like a pitty/boxer mix, in the backyard, in the sun, in a small wire carrier cage, around 2 pm. The dog has been stuck in that carrier since 2 pm yesterday, with no reprieve, and as I can tell no one has been back to the house.

All food and water that had been left, and what we have given to help it out during this weather, has been knocked over repeatedly because it is scared and alone. It is now hoarse from barking.

I called Animal Control this morning.  I didn't want to call as we have a kill shelter in Lexington. But I had couldn't see any other options left.  This poor baby will die if the temperatures get to 90+ like anticipated.

Be thankful, my furry friends, you have a owner who cares about you. And say a little prayer that something positive happens for this poor dog. 

****Update: Animal Control came and removed the dog just a bit before the rental people showed up with their truck filled with couches and boxes. (Safe to say they are just mean people and not in an accident or something...) AC left a note on the door. I do not know more than this, my friends. But I do know that even if placed at Lexington Humane Society it is a better existence than being left in the sun in 90+ heat with no food or water.

Scenes from the Farm...

Things are really starting to produce in our little garden, but it's also a very pretty place to just enjoy. We have lots of flowers planted around as well as vegetables.

Shady Bench

Pretty Flowers (in the garden so the bugs will like them instead of my crops)

Patio tomatoes - perfect for sun-drying!


Tomatoes. Best served? Fried and green!!

Ignore the hand look at the sunflower! :)

Zinnia - one of my favorite flowers.

Looking from the barn toward the house.

Enjoy our little slice of heaven with us today.

Weekend in Review

Boy, was this a wild weekend.  I don't mean wild like Puddles would have, filled with cheetos and beer, but wild in that we worked our butts off.  I'm actually very happy to be returning back to work so that I don't have to do 'home' work anymore!

Lets see...
We had a HUGE storm Friday night which caused lots of power outages and me a frightful drive home from watching 5 episodes of Game of Thrones with friends and a bit of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

I don't like driving in the rain.  I especially don't like driving in the rain surrounded by idiots.  And alas, I was the only sane person driving Friday night.... or perhaps, now that I come to think of it, maybe I was not sane after all.

We took a crap load of peppers we had growing in the garden.....

And we made lots of jars of goodies.  From Harry and David 'like' Sweet Onion Pepper Relish to Hot Pepper Jelly to Vietnamese Garlic Pepper Sauce and even some Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Now my poor house smelled like I was trying to make enough pepper spray to contain a herd of bath salt junkies, but at the end of the day (and enough windows being opened) we were quite proud of ourselves!!

 This is next on my list of to do's... Pear Preserves, Canned Pears and some Chutney for Smoked Salmon (drool).

I have picked 20 pounds of pears and they are ripening on my porch. (Did you know that the pear is one of the few things that do not have to ripen on a tree? Yup, I'm here to educate, people.)

Sunday morning apparently I regenerated. I was channeling my inner Doctor Who!!  Cool, eh?  I think it was because it was Wil Wheaton's birthday...  And everyone knows I have the most amazing crush on Wil Wheaton.  -sigh-

 While getting gas for the mowers and weed eaters we saw a line of Shelby Cobras (and 1 out of place Ferrari Daytona) pulling out from the hotel... I hope it was the hotel cause right up the road is the Hustler Store and if they were there then the drivers are totally BUSTED.

It was like thunder driving by... If someone was dying of a heart attack the rumbling of these cars would work as a stand in defibrillator, just sayin'....

Gorgeous, eh? This was a Sunday evening meeting of the minds with friends... lamb on naan... grilled chicken... yummy pasta salad and some OMG mouthgasmly wonderful Bourbon Marshmallow Bacon Smores.

Yeah... it was a busy weekend... but who cares when it ends with a lot of stuff accomplished, a lamb filled tummy, and the taste of chocolately, bourbony, bacony goodness in your mouth.

Blogville/CatBlogosphere Olympics 2012 Events (week of July 30)

Here are a listing of the events being held this week and links so you can see all the participants. :)  My dogs are done worn out from either cheering on the other participants (using ThunderSticks and even the occasional vuvuzela left over from cheering for the World Cup!) 

We are so proud of all the participants, dog and cat alike, and their families for helping train them to be in top physical shape!  And thank you to the hosts of the events.  You guys ROCK!!

Cross Neighborhood Walkabout ~
Competitive Napping ~

Couch Potato Peeling ~

Bathtub Wrestling ~

Discuss and Frisbee ~
Singles Stick Carry ~


Fierceful Yawning ~
Tuneful Farting ~

Camera Avoidance KaeKwonDo~
Equestrian ~

Sunday Snort!!

Up to Our Ears in...(wait for it).... Ears!!

This is  a post for Frankie and Ernie.  I just wanted to show them what has been keeping our mom on her toes... corn!! Lovely, sweet, wonderful C O R N!!!  Mom has been shucking like no body has ever shucked before.

We've been eating a lot, but mom has started freezing some now that all of the stalks are really starting to produce. 

Also on tap for this weekend:

So Saturday when you don't have a post from me, know that is my plan... along with mowing, weed-eating and drinking lots of fluids!! Have a great weekend, y'all!!!  :)

Post for Puddles (all about my new Beverage Center)

Mrs. A, Puddles mom, called me a couple weeks ago when I was up to my earbobs in cordless screwdrivers, wood glue, parts marked A-Z(to infinity)... She laughed (quite a bit actually) while we worked on putting it together.

I forgot to post pictures of my new 'beverage' center. But as seeing Puddles is in Jail (don't believe anything she might have said about vacation, people... we know that she is in Juvy for doing Lord knows what) I thought I would post a little post showing what she is missing.

So here it is, Puddles.  It was a purchase from World Market. It is 'technically' a potting bench, but as you know I can barely grow hair so a potting bench would never be useful!

BUT as a beverage center, well... I can totally rock that ;)

It has a lots of shelves.  See the place below for our, still unused this summer, picnic basket... we use the little amp to drive our neighbors crazy play music from our iPhones while playing games or eating dinner. 

Never mind all the water... mom apparently has to have 2 cases per week just to get by.  The woman drinks A LOT.  In fact that is Trader Joe's $2.99 wine... cause it's about quantity some times!

And the side pops up to put extra stuff there... like cutting limes or lemons....

And there is a cool little bucket so you can ice down your Bud Light, Puddles!!

Next time, try not to get incarcerated for a week and come to Kentucky and you and our mom can spend the whole week taking this baddie on a test drive. :)

Milo, Dixie and Newbs 

Rides Are the Best!!

 Newby needs to find a truck driver to be his new friend.  This fur-baby could and would drive across country and be tickled pink. 
 Milo being Milo... a bit worried, not knowing exactly what to do or think, but still wanting to be involved.
 Dixie <3 
She goes out of her mind when you say the word "Ride!"
This is my favorite picture... This is how Newby reacts to riding in a car. He just stares out the car. He LOVES to watch everything.  He quietly takes in everything.  I really wish I knew what was going through his little head.

Sissy is the Best! (Says Newby)

Who Knew Newby Could Pull Mom So Fast...

As you may or may not know Master Newby is still leash bound when we go out to do our business.  Milo and Dixie are gems, roaming around our 2.5 acres and (usually) coming when called.  Newby... well.. Darling Sweet Newby is as hardheaded as any dachshund could possibly be.

Usually when we go outside, there is a bit of tugging and pulling to go faster as he really has to go, but this morning he tore as fast as he could through the backyard toward the garden.  Me, in my son's flip-flops, size 15 btw, was doing my best to stay with him... It wasn't easy.

I tried to figure out what was causing such a commotion. Dixie and Milo were barking, but doing that "I'm barking but don't know what at" look around. 

Turns out a raccoon was pulling over our corn stalk to grab some early morning breakfast and Master Newbs wasn't going to have any of that. Gotta keep the riff-raff off the property, even if we have to pull mom's arm out of the socket to do it.

Sunday Snort!

Our House, Last Night!

Weekend In Review

Best thing about the weekend: Found a Pig Castrator at the local Peddler's Mall. :D It's on my "need to have" list now!
New Drink Station on the screened deck. And yes it has been used a lot already. (World Market Potting bench modified.)
My favorite necklace: Broken :( 
My favorite car: Broken :((
My favorite Starbucks NOT in a funeral home like Puddles: Broken :(((
High Maintenance Red unavailable had to go with An Affair in Red Square: Broken :(((
Not me this weekend.. this was me this morning when the dogs refused to stay behind the house and everyone on Winchester Road could see me sporting my pink sleep boxers \o/!!

Best Email EVER...

We got an email reminder for Newby.  I should say, NEWBY got an email reminder for us from the vet.

I totally had no idea that he had his own email account!  Probably cause he still has his dew claws.  They probably work as thumbs for him.

Apparently Puddles is again proving herself to be a hot mess.  Go check it out.

Sunday Morning Snort!!

Do You Remember This Stuff??

It's called RAIN!

Newby's Doppelganger

A dear friend on Google+ pointed out to me the similarities between Newby and a certain Oscar winning celebrity!  I mean... look at that elongated nose... they have the same sort of calming voice.... they are both intellectuals and artistic...

I'm pretty sure that I've been housing Adrien Brody for a month!! Considering Mr. Brody's career after winning the Oscar in 2003, I am pretty sure we could have been housing him in Lexington since.

Here's hoping that Mr. Newby Melancholy aka Mr. Adrien Brody, find a reason to smile today!

Olympics... 14 days... LINKS to HOSTS & EMAIL ADDY for EACH

**I am copying this directly from Frankie's and Ernie's Blog..  They are fantastical hosts for all blogville events and Frankie does a fine job being our mayor!**

HERE is a LIST of the HOST LINKS ... for all the Events.... presented in the Order they will be seen. Under Each Host you will find their EMAIL addy.    

Parade of Athletes    by POSIE   July 27th.  
          Email to    posiedorg(at)gmail(dot)com
Opening Ceremonies  by Roo  
          Email to     1roodog(at)gmail(dot)com
My Opening Speech    F. Furter
     NO pictures are to be sent to ME...   this is a speech ONLY thingy.. and listed here ONLY to give you a full list of the days events...        SAME is true for My Closing Speech.  

Window Nose Art/Snot Smears  by Jazzi      July 27th.
           Email to  dcraftsalot(at)yahoo(dot)com
Swimming    by Sarge
           Email to   Lfurman1987(at)yahoo(dot)com

Crazy Sleeping Singles        and   Synchronized Sleepers   by Oskar        July 29th.
        Email to   hoerauf(at)comcast(dot)NET
Bouncing      by   Bouncing Bertie...   needs narrative
      Email to   soi718(at)abdn(dot)ac(dot)uk

Cross Neighborhood WALKabout      by   CORBIN           July 30th.
           CAN be LEASHED...       Email to   ohcutecorbin(at)gmail(dot)com
Beach Ball     by  Benny and Lily   
           Email to       2frenchbulllys(at)gmail(dot)com

Gymnastics     by   Madi             July 31st.
   Email to    candb214(at)att(dot)NET
Couch Potato Peeling   by Lily Belle and Muffin
   Email to       kimberlypaschedag(at)msn(dot)com

Tongue Curling     AND     Critter Stalking   by Mona and Weenie     AUGUST 1st.
      Email to     redricca(at)sbcglobal(dot)NET
Discus/ Frisbee    by   Mr. Pip
     Email to    mrpippip(at)gmail(dot)com

Stick (s)      by Goose                Aug. 2nd.
    Email to   pastormichelle13(at)gmail(dot)com
Pole JUMPING    by   Bert 
    Email to      jamiesyra(at)gmail(dot)com

Marathon Chewing    by Murphy and Stanley    Aug. 3rd.
       Email to    cecampbell(at)msn(dot)com
Digging      by Puddles   
       Email to     allison(dot)b(dot)schubert(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuneful Farting   by Declan               Aug. 4th.
        Email to     declansdogsblog(at)gmail(dot)com
Keep Away       by   Casey
       Email to     dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com

Equestrian     by   Rubie and Poots         Aug. 5th.
    Email to   rubie(dot)schnauzer(at)me(dot)com
Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do     by Mayzie Gal
    Email to    mayziegal(at)gmail(dot)com

Synchronized Peeing     by  Shasta and Shiloh      Aug. 6th.
   Email to   imabeaglemama(at)gmail(dot)com     NOTE:  New category for those with out pee Pawtners...   Synchronized Peeing  WANNA BE's...    SEND THOSE PICS...  
DE-Stuffing     by Ruthie 
     Email to    mouseswisscheese(at)HOTmail(dot)com

Free Style Zoomies    by Susie and Sidebite      Aug. 7th.
     Email to     racingmom55b(at)att(dot)NET
Roaching and Rolling   by Ruby and Penny 
    Email to....    See tab at top of their Blog... marked OLYMPICS   for addy

Squirrel Hurdles    by  Bailey and Katy          Aug. 8th.
    Email to     cledder(at)yahoo(dot)com
Draw Your People.... by   Indigo
     Email to    cheshire(dot)danes(at)gmail(dot)com
Snack Sack Race   by Lulu Louise
    Email to    snacksackrace(at)yahoo(dot)com

Boxing   by   Sasha                        Aug. 9th.
    Email to   chicamom85(at)comcast(dot)NET
EXTREME Weather Sports  by   Frank the Tank
    Email to     wackysmoof2001(at)aol(dot)com

Turbo Track   by Max                                          Aug. 10th.
     Email to     maxthequiltcat(at)gmail(dot)com
Snoopendous Sniff A Thon    by Luna and Cynder
     Email to    lunadogslife(at)gmail(dot)com

The Great Tennis Ball Tournament    by  Mollie Jo    Aug.11th.
   Email to     dogeared(at)bellsouth(dot)NET
Bathtub Wrestling    by     Ujio Izzy Ziggy and Missi
     Email to   coyote(dot)ugly2010(at)gmail(dot)com

Closing Ceremony    by Finn                            Aug. 12th.
      Email to    marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com
Special Presentation    by Oskar   
     (THIS is FOR HOSTS ONLY... HOSTS... You will be contacted about this at a LATER date)
Closing Speech    by F. Furter   
           NO PICTURES Needed for Closing Speech...

Newby Update....

I haven't mentioned Newby in a bit, so I thought to give you a little update on our new rescue pup!  I hate to say the normal "He is fitting in just fine" speech, but it's true.  He, Milo and Dixie have become a pack.  They have had "words" at times, but there hasn't been any big tiffs that we have had to referee.  He is still really nervous, he gives us those "OMD I'm in trouble" eyes often, changes scare the bejeebes out of him, he still isn't allowed out in the yard without being on leash, but... 
*  He is also very playful! I've never had a dog who likes to play with toys.  He adores anything that squeaks.  He can make it NOT squeak within a day, usually, but he loves the crap out of any squeaky toy until it stops making sounds. 
*  He has no clue how to chew a bone properly.  Milo and Dixie always get a bit of bone chew time after their dinner, in the evening, while we are waiting Prime-time TV.  (Think of it as NCIS and Nylabone!)  We've been trained to hold their bones so they can chew... their little paws holding our hands, turning them to get the right chew angle, so they can thoroughly enjoy their bone (and mom doesn't get slobbery bone streaks on the couch or bed covers).  When we encouraged Newbs to enjoy, he doesn't get the concept of chewing a LONG. LONG. TIME to get a bit of the good stuff.  He is constantly grabbing and trying to pull the bone off into bits.  And no matter how many times we say "Newby it doesn't work that way..." he continues to try.  Patience apparently isn't a virtue.
*  He smacks his mouth when he eats.  You know, those sounds your mom tells you not to make when eating? Well it is TOTALLY endearing when a dachshund does it.  He also fails to clean off a little patch of skin near his lips after his meal and has little food bits looking like a goatee!  Squeeeee worthy for sure.

He is just a wonderful dog.  He is a big baby, wanting to be loved and cuddled on, and doesn't want to make mistakes.  As much as I love my Milo, bought from a breeder dog, I think we will only rescue from now on.  I know he, and Dixie, too, have lots of 'issues' which you have to be cognizant of and work 'through' or 'with', it is definitely worth every second.  

You All Aren't Helping!!!

You weren't supposed to message our mom with how cool yesterday's post was, how you know us better, how we are handsome (though that is very true...) and how great it was to know more stuffs about our lives.  You were supposed to crack the whip! Tell her to get all the ball!  Take us shopping! Scritch our backs! Rub our bellies!  Provide treats on the hour, every hour, for a week!! We need her to step up!  But now she thinks that being mediocre is fine! -sniff-

In fact, she hasn't taken us on a ride in a MONTH!  A. WHOLE. MONTH!   A whole month has gone by without any Puparazzi adventures!  Now we know it's been too hot to even go outside, but still.  We have air conditioned cars!! We could easily sit and enjoy the ride with our ears flapping in the cool air. But instead, mom keeps us inside for our "safety".  Lazy, we say! LAZY!!!

Peeps should be required to do certain things.  In fact, we are gonna list out what we feel our mom should be doing for us.  We hear about the diva singers having a list of demands for their time at concert halls and stuff.  So we deserve something just as special for us!

Daily Butt, shoulder and under neck scritches.  The kind that makes our back leg do that really cute shaking thing.

Ice cubes in our water. Both inside and outside water.  In fact, we think we should have bottled water.  Preferably Dasani.

Umbrella service while outside doing our business.  The umbrella would keep the sun, rain and snow off us while we are doing our 'thang'.

Fresh laundry to lie in daily.  We would like it "just out of the dryer" warm; enough to toast our bellies and make us sleepy.

No baths. Ever.

Deliveries by UPS, Mail and/or FedEx each day so we can 'get our bark on'.  We gotta practice!!

More trees.  There should be trees inside as well as a grove of trees outside. You can never have enough trees to leave some pee-mail.

Automatic bone dispensers.  When we wag a tail in front of it, it dispenses a fresh chewy for chewing.  In fact, several of these around the house dispensing Pupperoni, Chicken Treats and Milkbones would be nice.

NO Baths, EVER!

A human, prone, at all times so we can use them as a pillow.  This is non-negotiable.  We must have a breathing pillow for our naps.

And lastly, mom to quit saying "Get off the Computer... Your Doggie Bill of Rights is going no where!!"

2-leggers are just a pain some times, eh?

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