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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our house to yours!!!
Awww!!! Now there is a keeper!! 

Dachshund Defense Mechanisms

An Important Question...

NOTE FROM MOMMA:  Because I kept getting comments on the pancakes from yesterday... here is the recipe I used.  Only suggestion is to cut the recipe for the cream cheese butter recipe in half... it makes so much you'd have to eat the pancakes every day for a month to use it up. Of course, now that I think of it, that might not be a bad thing.... They were DELICIOUS!!!!

Now on to our regularly scheduled post.

As you know we have one amazing fur-child who we got at a breeder -- bad I know, but I was a newbie in the getting a dog thing, now we've been trained to get rescues. His full AKC name is Milo AB Off the Radar (where AB stands for ankle-biter... and Radar was his dad's name.)

Here he is....

Gorgeous, I know... He is a little diva boy who we could not live without!!  He rules the roost, he lets us know what is going on, and he is the alpha to us all.

Problem is, just like any child, if Milo gets into trouble his full name is used.  If we used the full name he knows he is in big trouble!!!  Well, as we rescued the other two babies at our house, they don't have 'full' names. So what do we do when they get into trouble?? We don't know!!!

Sad... Every dog needs a 'get into trouble name'. 

So last night, or the night before, or sometime just recently, we thought of one for Dixie.
How do you like "Dixie, Henna Way You Want It"? It does double duty... it makes fun of Reed's horrible decision to hate everything Journey (seriously, he hates Journey... what is up with that kid?!?! I mean Neal Schon is like the most kick butt guitarist.. and I could listen to "Stone In Love" every single day!!) and calls attention to her lovely ginger locks of fur. 

Look at her... lovely, isn't she??

Then we have Newby.  My first choice of Lord Newby-ton of Snuggle-butt, was completely shot down.  Honestly, what is up with my family!!  I want something which shows his stoic, quiet, gentle side... sort of dashing, and European, and nouveau-riche, and would wear a single eye-glass and ponder the meaning of life in a nice leather chair in the back of a gentleman's club which smells of old dreams and pipe smoke, and not the puppy who gets into the garbage while mommy is writing out a long blog post because there was a bacon wrapper in there from yesterday and he loves bacon more than life it's self and if he had a real AKC like name he would be hearing me yelling it right now... but we are totally drawing a blank.  Got any ideas?

Write us a comment.... :)  Lord Newby von Bacon Stealer is counting on you!!!!

Random-ness From the Farm

I don't have much to say today... so I will bring in a bit of the "every day" into today's post.

 This is Reed's idea of Porn... when a new music supply book comes through the mail he automatically goes to his room and we don't see him again for a while.

 This is what my house looks like pretty much every day right now.  Three dogs, three blankets, and one very messed up bed. 

Dinner from the other night... Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Butter. Yes, they were to die for.

I'm going to be going out of town to my great aunt's step mother's funeral (I guess that makes her my great-great aunt, huh), so my post is ready to go early tomorrow... and it's an important one.  So please check it out and let me know your thoughts!!!  Have a great day and an even better weekend.

Wordless Wednesday

Which Came First...

Today I'm asking the age old question... Which came first, the snuggle or the snow?

Mischief Monday "Spring Style"

Nothing to say other than -sigh-

Do You Remember the Summer?

We are tired of these rainy, cold days... we long for a good long day of belly warming in the sun, barking at mom on the lawn tractor, and the warm breeze blowing through our fur.... so, here is a remainder of what summer looks like... please come back, soon.

Silently Waiting for Snow

We are supposed to go from 54° F sunny weather to four inches of snow overnight... I think Frankie and Ernie are looking at a possible six or more inches on their hill.

We are not pleased. Spring should have already sprung. So we went to Kroger, got our bread and milk, and we are going to watch the NCIS marathon on #USA, and wait.

A Little Something Funny

We've had a pretty scary week this week in Blogville with friends being sick and hospitalized... sometimes just down-right gloomy. 

So here is something a little funny for you to begin the weekend. Have a great weekend, my friends!!  :)

Spring Hasn't Sprung

Don't let these sunny pictures fool you... it's only 19° F here today... in fact yesterday it snowed.

Someone needs to tell that forecast telling ground hog he is fired.

Yay Lily and Muffin are Doing Much Better

Go check out their blog... this is great news indeed.

Newby is Telling it Like It Is

I'm not sure exactly what is being said... my Dachshund to English is good, but not good when they are talking so very quickly...but Newby has something important to say.  :)  He is awfully cute, no matter what is on his brain!!

POTP: Power of the Paw for. Lily and Muffin

Please be sending your most pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Lily and Muffin.

Go over to their blog for more information on what is going on today.

Misc Farm, Puppy, and Mom Stuff

Yesterday it rained cats, dogs, gerbils, snakes (literally rain over one on my driveway), hippopotamuses, etc, etc. It rained so much I wondered if I needed to build an ark.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the pond where my car normally sits, but this picture shows what is left. My car was parked on the edge of the water yesterday. Guessing this weekend I'll be putting some gravel there.

Today is any puppy's favorite day... bedding wash day. Well, until later when it becomes puppy wash day. Nothing like the aroma of fresh bedding..and fresh puppy.

Can you tell I have nothing to talk about regarding me and the pups? So I'll just remind you too keep those pawsitive thoughts and prayers coming for Miss Lily Belle. She is, hopefully, on the road to recovery, but a little girl can never have too many thoughts and prayers, can she?

Wordless Wednesday

Double Decker Dachshunds

This happy little scene only lasted a few minutes, but while it did Reed and I lol'd. Apparently Newby makes a very good pillow.

Keep our sweet girlfriend, Lily, in your prayers and thoughts. She still isn't feeling great, not drinking enough, and her family is worried.

Last Lily Update... I Promise..

Our girl is home, and here is what she has to say...

"There's NO place like HOME! I was so excited to see Mommy and Daddy and even more excited to be going home. I'm going to go rest with Mommy right now. They still have to keep a real close eye on me as I'm still under the weather. I did eat a little dinner (and Mommy snuck in a lot of water in my kibble.)

Thank you Newby and Miss Shelle for loving me so very much and for keeping our friends updated as to my progress. Mommy will try to do a post tomorrow. Right now she's exhausted!

Love you all,
Lily Belle"

Guess Who is Going Home?

Yup... Momma Kim just text to tell me Miss Lily Belle has been sprung from the pokie. They are en route to get her now... I would bet she is speeding, so Florida State Patrol look the other way.

I'm sure she will update everyone tonight.

I'm just so very, very thankful for her Dogtor and the wonderful thoughts of our Blogville family. I know Kim, Lily, Rolf, Muffin and Grandpa Bob are too. :)

Say a Little Prayer Time...

Right about now the Dogtor Tech is getting Miss Lily Belle's dinner ready for her.... probably gonna take her outside afterward just too see how things "come out"... the Dogtor is gonna come see her and then call her very worried momma, daddy, grandpa and sissy to let them know how things are going...

So say a prayer for our friend... and her family.. and her (yuck) dogtor and staff... let's get her well and back home soon

Lunch Time Lily Belle Update

Here is a little update on our Lily Belle.... great news... continue to send your pawsitive thoughts and prayers their way.   And here's hoping Momma Kim can rest a little bit this afternoon. Send
Mrs. Kim, Rolf and Muffin your thoughts at their blog.

POTP: Lily Belle Update (as of 8:30 Sunday morning)

I'm working so I cannot link to her website very well... go to the previous blog post for her web address to send along some love this morning.

We love hearing some pawsitive news!!

Little Lily Update from Last Night

Our momma got a message from Mrs. Kim last night about Lily... I wanted to pass it along...

Talked to the tech. She just peed n now they are giving her a bath (??). Her fever is slowly coming down. They will give her a little food. Giving lots of iv fluids and antibiotics. Said she is standing up while they bathe her. AWESOME news.

We are still sending our loving thoughts your way... keep fighting, Lily Belle.

Please Please BIG POTP For Lily

My pretty baby girl has been admitted into ICU and needs our prayers.. please please please send all your most pawsitive healing thoughts her way. Mrs. Kim, Rolf and Muffin can explain better what is going on over on their blog... we just want to send our love their way right now.

Saying A Little Prayer

Join me in saying a little prayer and sending some pawsitive thoughts to my girl, Lily Belle.

Best Butt Ever

Newby is showing his cute side this morning...

Four Days Accident Free

We've hidden the normal things: power tools and sharp things, and the abnormal things: rakes**, rotary phones**, hand mixers**, tv antennas**, and even pencils** (**long stories of other accidents requiring a tetanus shot, casts, and/or antibiotics from years ago) and have made it four whole days accident free. Doesn't mean that mom won't be consumed by a velociraptor before the day is over.

Wordless Wednesday

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