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Happy Second Gotcha Day, Newby!!

I know. I've been awfully quiet. Things have been crazy, and not like 'busy' crazy but 'hand me a bottle of bourbon and a handful of Xanax' kinda crazy. I have been quiet, but I cannot stay quiet today.

Because no matter how bad I feel, how crazy my head is, how things are going to hell in a handbag, a little guy is always there as my best friend. Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Newby!

The very first picture Mrs. Jessica sent to us.

Here he was all scared and wondering what was going on  6/5/12.

And here he is.... King of the House and Love of my life!! Tonight Mom is BBQ'ing some chicken, we are going to set up the tent a watch a movie in the backyard, and have a special dessert just for Newby.

Sending each of you many hugs, much love and all our prayers.  

No Firemen Were Necessary....

Keep Lily's and Muffn's mom, Kim, and Grandpa Bob in your prayers. They figured out he is having complex parietal seizures and now they have found another oddity with his heart. I know she is worried sick, their family, too, and she needs a bit of love and prayers.

And now for something a little funny.... Reed's cat (totally another long story for another day...) was treed by the dogs. They can't tree a squirrel, but they can tree a cat. Who knew?

So Many Emotions and Such a Need for Peace

We are thinking about what Lily's and Muffn's mom, Kim, is going through with Grandpa Bob. All those feelings and worries that keep her up at night, the uncertainty of the future, and the pressure it puts on her whole family. We are keeping her, and all of you, in our prayers.

2014 is not getting off to a good start for many of us. Many are without jobs, many have health issues or family with issues, money seems to be a big problem with everyone right now, and just so much stress.  Seems the need for a positive thought and a good prayers are increasing every single day.

So I'm sending everyone my good thoughts and prayers right now. I hope that you can feel this virtual hug from our little family to yours, and you can find, like Newby often does, a measure of peace so you can rest.

When you are sending out your own positive thoughts and prayers, keep in mind my Uncle Bob. He was told his cancer is back, again. This time he is just too tired to fight it. We are all so discouraged and disheartened by this news. He is very special to me and many.

Much love and many hugs to all of you!

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope that you, and those you love, have the very best day of love!! Newby, Dixie and Milo definitely have!!

Thank you Miss Lily and Miss Muffin (and the whole family) for thinking about us!  Newby took off with the squeaky toys and mom took off with her M&Ms. We probably won't see either of them again today.




Sending MAD LOVE to each and everyone today and every day during the year!! You make us smile and feel joy. Your blogs and comments always make us feel a virtual hug of love!

Wednesday Afternoon

Milo, Dixie, Newby and I are watching Walt Disney's Miracle. Hockey. Don't understand it. I guess it's like soccer but with ice and a pick instead of grass and a ball.

But it's Olympic season, it's cold outside, and it's a great story. And since I've finished my day off chores I deserve a little snuggle time with my special furry kids.

Outing With the Puppers To PetSmart

We got more snow this morning. We are sick of the cold and wet. -_- The dogs are going a little stir crazy, so you can imagine how the people are feeling.

Yesterday we took a little outing to PetSmart to grab a special friend and her sister a Valentine's gift. Taking pictures and driving is pretty difficult, so I didn't get as many good pictures as I would hoped. And getting any pictures at PetSmart, on a Sunday, with all the activity and smells is not possible at all. Here are the best, which are pretty sucky.  They have matching Land's End monogrammed coats, btw. They always turn heads when they are out... and get called by their names, too, which I think is even more confusing... "Why is that stranger calling me by name, Mom?????" Makes them bark even more... "Stranger Danger!! Stranger Who Knows My Name Danger!!!"

Just a note from Shelle to all of you... we are sending you each lots of prayers and positive thoughts. I know we have been a bit shoddy about commenting and responding to your messages to us, but we are reading your posts and keeping all of you very close to our hearts and minds right now.


Ice Storm

This is the view from my kitchen window after last night's ice storm which left us without power for almost five hours late last night. I'm depressed as I loved that river birch. :(

I've not checked the rest of the property yet but I'm anticipating more of this look. I fell getting the mail yesterday so schlepping anywhere today isn't a high priority.

Wherever you are stay warm and safe.

Farm Life is Always Interesting

To make up for making everyone cry earlier today.....We hear a crackle and big loud boom then we find this in the backyard.

No puppies nor humans were hurt during this event... but considering my past with chainsaws, a human might be hurt in the future.

This is a Very Sad Read, but So True...

I found this on Reddit yesterday. I did not write this, but I had to share because it speaks such truth about our little guys and girls. I wanted to share because there might be a day you need to read this, or that day has already passed and you need a reminder.

Some of you, particularly those who think they have recently lost a dog to “death”, don’t really understand this. I’ve had no desire to explain, but won’t be around forever and must.
Dogs never die. They don’t know how to. They get tired, and very old, and their bones hurt. Of course they don’t die. If they did they would not want to always go for a walk, even long after their old bones say:” No, no, not a good idea. Let’s not go for a walk.” Nope, dogs always want to go for a walk. They might get one step before their aging tendons collapse them into a heap on the floor, but that’s what dogs are. They walk.
It’s not that they dislike your company. On the contrary, a walk with you is all there is. Their boss, and the cacaphonic symphony of odor that the world is. Cat poop, another dog’s mark, a rotting chicken bone ( exultation), and you. That’s what makes their world perfect, and in a perfect world death has no place.
However, dogs get very very sleepy. That’s the thing, you see. They don’t teach you that at the fancy university where they explain about quarks, gluons, and Keynesian economics. They know so much they forget that dogs never die. It’s a shame, really. Dogs have so much to offer and people just talk a lot.
When you think your dog has died, it has just fallen asleep in your heart. And by the way, it is wagging it’s tail madly, you see, and that’s why your chest hurts so much and you cry all the time. Who would not cry with a happy dog wagging its tail in their chest. Ouch! Wap wap wap wap wap, that hurts. But they only wag when they wake up. That’s when they say: “Thanks Boss! Thanks for a warm place to sleep and always next to your heart, the best place.”
When they first fall asleep, they wake up all the time, and that’s why, of course, you cry all the time. Wap, wap, wap. After a while they sleep more. (remember, a dog while is not a human while. You take your dog for walk, it’s a day full of adventure in an hour. Then you come home and it’s a week, well one of your days, but a week, really, before the dog gets another walk. No WONDER they love walks.)
Anyway, like I was saying, they fall asleep in your heart, and when they wake up, they wag their tail. After a few dog years, they sleep for longer naps, and you would too. They were a GOOD DOG all their life, and you both know it. It gets tiring being a good dog all the time, particularly when you get old and your bones hurt and you fall on your face and don’t want to go outside to pee when it is raining but do anyway, because you are a good dog. So understand, after they have been sleeping in your heart, they will sleep longer and longer.
But don’t get fooled. They are not “dead.” There’s no such thing, really. They are sleeping in your heart, and they will wake up, usually when you’re not expecting it. It’s just who they are.
I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs sleeping in their heart. You’ve missed so much. Excuse me, I have to go cry now.

Like Frankie & Ernie Said, "Baby, It's Cold Outside...."

We are expecting 6 inches of snow today. Yay. :/ So I ran out and did a quick shop at Wal-mart. All I have to say is TGFFWD (Thank God For Front Wheel Drive). I saw so many rear-wheeled drive cars stuck along my way. I grew up in the mountains. I know how to drive in the snow. I just don't like driving here because so many do not know how to drive in the rain, let alone snow. So I plan to snuggle in, read a book, watch a movie, drink some hot cocoa, and watch the snow fall.... and wash the rug in the bathroom as the dogs have decided that is preferable to going out in the snow. :/

So, here is my home state, Kentucky, winter white covered, a dachshund owner's nightmare...

Dachshund Doritos Ad for the Super Bowl

They have found the key to selling things... just get a dachshund spokesdog.


Wintery, Wet, We-Hate-Snow Wednesday

We ended up with 4 inches of snow. And this morning it was -5F air temps... who knows what the windchill was.  All we have to say is "Come on Spring!!"

PS Thanks for the messages of love and support. I am a huge idiot. I made bad decisions. I trusted people I shouldn't have trusted. I did things that are completely out of character. I don't love me a lot right now, so I am holding on to all your nice words, and three wiggly, wet, cold lumps of fur, until I feel better about myself again. <3 br="">

What a Difference a Day Makes...

Glad we enjoyed yesterday, cause today stinks.

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