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I Got a Klout Perk

I got a really nice "perk" from Klout yesterday. If you aren't familiar with Klout, it's a site which uses social media analytics to rank it's users "influence" via a Klout score. Well, apparently I'm pretty influential in the pet department... apparently they realize that it's the dogs who are the influential ones, cause they received a bag and a can of, Hill's Ideal Balance dog food.

They were very pleased.

I'm still rocking the allergies here at the homestead. (Goldenrod is the culprit by the way... it's a spring Kentucky thing.) It should pass just in time to be kept up all night listening to cicadas. =S

I Haz the Allergies...

But I have a great bed partner...

Newby Being Bossy

So remember my cook top going kaput earlier this week? Well, after some electrical work and some other needed stuff (like cutting the counter top and making a general mess of not only the checkbook but my kitchen) I have a new cook top. Newby helped put it in... he is, as you can guess, a great supervisor. (Dachshunds usually are...) :)

Actually I am pretty pleased with N00Bs, he was the only pup brave enough not clinging to me while barking for hours  at the different workmen. :) Go Newby!

As you missed the headache the little love barking his instructions, here is a video!

Have a great weekend. I'm busy planting and working on the farm today *sigh*. A farm girl's work is never, ever, done.

Finally Friday

Find few f(ph)otos for Frankie, friends :)

My Honey Bunny

While I was fixing a friend's computer yesterday (actually it was day #2 of fixing it) this was the pretty little scene right beside of my desk.

"Mom, my paw-paws are too big to hit the keys.... but I can supervise you from here."

This Post is for Miss Millie

(Since all the dogs are cowering under the covers during the storm this morning, and I'm sniffing with Spring allergies, I have nothing cute for Wordless Wednesday.  Instead I have something to share with one of our Blogger friends.)

I finally replaced my WVU shirt, Miss Millie!! (I bought a blue WVU t-shirt... just has the gold WV on the chest.. it feels lucky.. I cannot wait until football season to test it out.) More importantly, I found Reed something pretty cool. I forgot to post it before, sorry... but I knew you'd like it.  It's a Mountaineer Peruvian/Laplander hat. :)  I got a picture of the back of it off the internet, cause none of my cell pictures did it justice.


Mom... I Love You... and Your Ice Cream

Scene from last night... you know this look...

Trip to Lowe's

Mom had a busy weekend, a near death experience (again)**, and is back to being busy again.

Not only are we not getting our daily recommended dose of belly rubs, but she is falling down on her secretarial duties.

But we did get a great outing to Lowe's!!!

**This near death experience was mom's cook top blowing up and electrical sparks flying everywhere. No mommies nor puppies were harmed.


This was the happy little scene last night as Newby snuggled in my lap while I watched tv (Yes, Lily, it was NCIS). 

I'm wake now because storms are moving in to Lexington and I have a headache as a result. (Drastic pressure change leads to headaches for me...and apparently there is a whopper of a storm heading my way.) 

Only now I'm awake because of what has been going on in Boston tonight (one officer dead and one of the bombing suspects dead.... other on the run in Watertown). Here are my prayers you catch the last person quickly and no one else is hurt.

APB: Newby

All Paws Bulletin: Newby Pennington

Crime Details: Being quite crafty Newby used guile and supreme adorableness, to stealthily move from under his blanket to steal his mother's food. The food in question was strawberries with fat free cottage cheese.

He is considered beautiful and dangerous to anyone not paying attention to their food.

Reward offered (a desqueakified squirrel, a stinky blanket and four feral cats we've been feeding).

Tips can be sent to 800-New-by.

Mom has her first theater show for 2013 this Friday, so after this post, she'll not be posting until the beginning of the week. Know that she, and all of this little Doxie Posse, will be thinking of you.

Wordless Wednesday (No More Kisses for You Edition)

Newby Being Brave

Picture this... I get home from grocery shopping and start working on putting Reed's favorite bangers and mash together for dinner (ie putting the sausages and other stuff in the crock pot).

It's a gorgeous day.. 74°F and sunny. I have all the windows open to enjoy the breeze. I leave the French doors open to the screened in porch. Dixie likes to sit in the sun sniffing, so I try to let her sit outside all she can before it gets too hot and the ac must come on around mid May.

I notice Newby isn't at my feet, his normal spot, looking for bits of goodies to drop from the counter for his vacuuming mouth to enjoy.  I put down my knife and look out on the porch to find my little boy sitting in the sun all by himself.

I just about cried.

This is a huge step for Newby.  He had been left on the porch a lot with his old owners so with us the porch has been avoided... basically sprinting from the back screened door into the house when he comes inside from pottying. To see him outside, by his own choice, enjoying the sun made me so happy.

That must be what "safety" looks like...

Yesterday our safety was rattled, yet again, with the explosions at the Boston Marathon. We had all just gotten settled, comfortable only to see these senseless acts of violence against our fellow humans. I don't know about you, but like Newby has been, it's gonna take me a while to feel safe again... to enjoy the sunshine without a bit of fear.

To all the families affected yesterday, our family sends you love and prayers. To the city of Boston, here is hoping that the culprits are found quickly and you can venture on your "porch" again, without fear, soon.

Dixie Doodle Does Diligent Duty

(Frankie's & Ernie's mom will like my title alliteration). :)

Mom has been working hard on her show.... wellllll, as hard as she can considering Dixie is practicing Olympic gold medal winning "work disruption" and "photography avoidance taekwondo".

We think Mom needs to take periodic stress relief breaks... aka doxie belly-rubbin'. Don't you?

Digging.... By Others!!!

We had a little excitement yesterday at the "Penn-da-rosa". We had some friends come over to dig some holes.

Yeah... we know!! People came to OUR house to dig holes!! TO.DIG.HOLES.

And what was really interesting to us, they had some long stick thing that made a boop boop sound when they were supposed to dig.  We didn't understand, but we figure humans aren't as smart as we four-leggers. We definitely don't need a machine thing to show us where to dig.

Dixie tried to tell them how we could help, but they already had places to dig marked out.

You know what they found? Silver!! (Silver beads and silver ingots.) They found all sorts of other stuff, but the silver was really cool (according to the two leggers.)

We were happy they weren't looking for bones, but if they had found them that would have helped us. When we dig we always get our paws washed afterward. If we could set that boop boop machine to it's "bone" setting it would save us a paw bath.

Mom has been working on one of her shows so it's gonna be famine on the commenting for a little while longer.

Note to Self:

Never wake Newby up early on a Saturday.

Hope your day is fantastic...

Lunch with Reed

Yesterday was not gorgeous, basically overcast all day, but Kentucky was still rocking the warm weather. As a result Reed and I decided lunch outside was needed to shake off the blues.

As you can see, Newby thought lunch outside was a great idea!!!

But Reed's love for taco salad was stronger than dachshund stubbornness helping Reed to win.

Dixie Diggin' Down

Dixie spent a good part of the sunny day helping me plant some seeds... ok, so really she spent her time digging a hole and getting dirty.  I have no clue what she found so very interesting, but she dug and sniffed for half hour. She was digging in the site of the old leaf compost pile, so who knows what sort of stuff has been in it.

Milo and Newby? Oh, the boys just roamed trying to catch birds and squirrels.

Dixie says, "Best day ever!!"

PS As for yesterday's pictures of Newby roaming around off leash, it wasn't his first time, but it was the first time he went out the door without it and all the way back in without it. I had it with me just in case I got nervous about how he was acting. I was outside with him only... I didn't want the other four leggers distracting him.

And yes, I caught him pooping in one. He is not happy with me. ;)

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