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Just the life and times of a silly girl, her dachshunds and all things Southern!

Happy Birthday, Lily Belle!!!

Happy 9th birthday to the prettiest girl ever!!

Much love,
Shelle, Milo, Dixie and especially, Newby

It's Good to be the Queen..

I came upon this happy little scene yesterday.. the remote and all the bones... what more could a little girl want? 

Will you, Miss Lilly???

For Puddles and Pip...

The more we read about Puddles and Pip and all the adventures they are having, the more we are convinced they'll need us before their journeys are complete.

Here Comes Newby Cottontail..

If we could only be so lucky to have Young Master Newby to be heralding in the coming of spring. Instead, I fear, we will be surrounded by these gray skies and cold days a while longer.

Until then, pass me the marshmallows for my hot chocolate and a snuggly blanket.  Oh, and text me when it's safe to go outside in flip-flops, again.

Don't Go.....

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, but Newby has other ideas.

"Don't worry, Baby boy, I'll be back before you know it... with treats."

I'm Posting Now Instead of Tomorrow...

because it's supposed to snow, which means I won't have the happy little dachshund house I have tonight.  You see when the snow falls, my stubborn dachshunds refuse to go outside. They don't tinkle in the house (usually), but they will bark at the back door every ten minutes, poke their heads out to see the weather hasn't changed, then refuse to budge.

Then we silly humans go back to what we were doing only to have to check the dachshund version of Accuweather again at the bark next to the back door. It's exhausting..  Finally they will go out, but only when there is no other choice.

By the way, this happens when it rains, too. Yay, me!!

But tonight is different. Tonight we bark and tinkle and eat and play and no one is the wiser of the bad weather in route. Doxie-nirvana...

And, yes, tonight when I returned from work I found a happy little pile of bones on the bed... Boneapalooza 2013 apparently was scheduled, attended, and enjoyed, and I didn't get an invite as part of the puparazzi.

Maybe next time me and the flashy beast can join in the fun.  Perhaps tomorrow they will tinkle in the snow, too. Hey, a girl can dream...

It's Clear and 22f, Milo Has the Right Idea

Can I pretend it's Wordless Wednesday, because I have nothing to say... other than "Move over, Milo".

Wedding day cold feet, because it's bloody cold outside and I'd rather not leave my bed.

My bff is getting married this morning... why mid week and in the morning?
-Anglophile, Wednesday is the luckiest day of the week for a wedding.. most traditional British weddings were in the morning.
-Geek, 01/23/13 are all prime numbers.

Now you understand exactly why we are friends...  but this sms conversation pretty well cemented it forever. If she puts up with me and my rather off, left side brain, then she is pretty special indeed.

Oh, Snap... why didn't I sing "Get Me To The Church On Time" last night when I delivered her dress.


Not much to say today... we are freezing.  We think hibernation might be the way to go.  "Hey Mom, pack us a backpack of snacks.... we are heading under the covers until March."

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Here in Kentucky we are expecting a high today of 21F and a low of 8F tonight. So hold your babies close and say many prayers for all those babies who will have to brave the cold outside and alone.


It's not often, read that as "never", that my boys snuggle up together. It's more of a "Milo is a diva problem" than Newby. But last night, while watching Dredd I caught them mid-snuggle. :) Cute huh?

We don't know if you've noticed.. probably so, as nothing gets by you all... but although we're back to daily blog posts, our responses to your blogs are on Sundays.  Believe us, we keep up to date with what is going on, but our responses, at least for the foreseeable future, week be clumped onto a Sunday.

Also our bff is getting married this week.. well, mom's bff, not ours. We like her alright, we guess, but her visit to bringing treats ratio sucks, so she has to step it up to be our bff, too.

Mmm, what else is going on. Our human bother, um brother, is in Gatlinburg until Monday night. Our mom made chicken and dumplings to celebrate! (No really, he hates chicken and dumplings so she never gets to fix them for herself.)

Mom said Les Miserables is gorgeous, but she still likes The Hobbit better. 

Mmmm, go 49'ers and Ravens to give us a brother vs brother Super Bowl.

Have a great Sunday!

Post Birthday Nap

Shhhh.... Newby is taking an all day nap after a full Friday of birthday surprises, including three new toys to destuff, a bag full of bones to chew, and a, grilled to perfection, flank steak to share with his brother, Milo, and sister, Dixie.  The only thing missing was his favorite baby girl, Lily Belle. Perhaps next year we can celebrate in Key West together.

Thank you to our blog family for the birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday, Newby!

It's my pretty boy's birthday today. :)
Join us in saying Happy Birthday to our newest family member!

Adorable...I Want!!

I saw these early this morning after Milo woke me up for a snuggle (read that as "dachshund would like to steal body heat as it is colder than a well digger's butt in Kentucky").

I definitely would like to see these on my table soon!  Actually tomorrow is Newby's birthday... I think I should be sporting the best in dachshund dinnerware for such an auspicious occasion, don't you? 

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless.. kinda...except we have to some love and power of the paw for our Lily Belle.

My Babies

I had to smile last night when my babies were caught enjoying each other with some snuggles, kisses and high fives... I love my family.

Best Little Nurses Ever

No matter what comes my way, or how I feel, I have the best company and nurse staff ever.

Wordless Wednesday... Like I Can Be Wordless haha

I'm not going to be able to post much until after the weekend... don't worry, I'll be back. Until then, enjoy some pictures from our walk around or yard.

If You Go By My House and I'm Shirtless...

I know this will make two posts in one day, but I have a busy Wednesday planned and I'm trying to keep my daily posting and commenting promises to myself... so I'll be posting twice on Thursday, too. as Friday I have my dreaded Doctor's appointment.

But back to my post title.... eye catching I know.... and after I had to beg for my clothing I just had to tell you about my little daily problem.

Here's the thing, when I plan to take my shower I put my cleaning clothing on my bed... I have this whole ritual for my shower which I'll not going into... I'm OCD so how I do things, like shower, have step by step processes so my mind doesn't meltdown.  After I put my clothing on the bed my dogs like to keep them safe.

I know...

Milo takes the first shift, holding down my clean clothing so nothing or no one can take them away.

Well Newby, my little voyeur, watches me shower, then takes the second "safe clothing" shift.

No one can say they have a better watch system for these all important things in life.

Newby Nap

Bless Newby's heart. If there is one thing Newby does well it is nap. Of course if I practiced something 18 hours a day I would probably be an expert, too.

Here are a few shots from yesterday's nap session.  Enjoy!! :)

Rednecks Next Door

Everybody has one set of neighbors they wish they could pack up and deposit in another neighborhood. Well, mine are in the form of two rental houses next door, both empty at present, so I guess I need to deposit their owner in another town.

One house, the people who I just KNEW were making and dealing crystal meth, came home from a "quick trip" to Miami to find their house gutted by fire. It was on the news and everything... Yes, they were the oh so wonderful pet owners who had the pretty Pittbull who would get loose on US 60. The dog was not there when the fire broke out, thank goodness.

The other house, which the code people finally mandated changed, is now sporting the new stylish look of “redneck swampy mess" as they look to fix a bad sewage line. Yeah, bet you are totally jealous now, huh?

Yes, my friends, Kentucky is where you wanna live!!

If you get a chance, say a little prayer for me as I go back to the doctor Friday (hopefully to be done with all this "stuff").

Saturday Wildcard Playoffs

Views from our house to yours from our Saturday filled with pajamas, snacks and football.
We are planning more of the same today. :)

A Boy and His Dog

Reed and Newby have a complicated relationship. Newby doesn't like to be messed with, especially during the twenty and a half hours each day he chooses to sleep, and Reed adores messing with him. Like I said... complicated.

So Newby sleeps, Reed messes, and bad attitude overtakes Newby. Cannot say I blame him.... but even when Reed is messing with him, Newby is looking for kisses. Just like in this picture... Reed woke him up, Newby gets cross, but still snuggles up to Reed for a kiss.

My suggestion to Newby is to wake Reed up by peeing on him... Newby is taking it under consideration...

Complicated indeed....

A Place in the Sun

It's still freezing cold here in Kentucky. We are making the best of it by taking long naps, snuggling by the heater vents or our best portable heater friend, Jean Claude, (yes, our heater has a name, after all he is part of the family).

Newby found a great place in the sun to spend time with his toy friends. Next year he thinks he needs to head south like Lily and Muffin.... or maybe just WITH Lily and Muffin.


No nekkid Newby pictures today. It is only 18f/-7c here's today. Newby had wisely chosen to snuggle in bed and keep his momma warm.

If you are wondering about Milo and Dixie.... Milo is snuggled in his bed at the foot of mine. Dixie is warning herself by the little electric heater err have to heat a spot that stays cold no matter what. They are not fans of my new phone as it is a flashy beast in disguise.

Happy Nude Year, Part 2

Newby is still convinced that he needs to show off his handsome physique for 2013, this time showing his Newb-bows and butt to the world.

I think it was all of Miss Lily's flirting yesterday which makes him pose and be all daring.  Have to admit he has a fine looking set of paw pads.

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.... hopefully all my health concerns will be over 1/11 when I am scheduled for the doctor's kind care. I will try and get around to all your blogs soon to catch up on what is going on with you.

Until then I'm gonna try to get some clothing on Newby before Lily faints.

Happy Nude Year

I have had quite the adventure during the last two months of the year.... and hopefully the roller coaster will soon stop... but with Newby thinking we were saying Happy Nude Year, dropping trow (which for a dachshund means riffing himself of his collar) and begging for pictures to be taken, well--- 2013 might just be a crazy trip, too.

So from my house too yours, Happy Nude, um New, Year!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie, & Nude Newby

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