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Meh.. The Food Sucks, but the Nursing Staff is Great

To answer your emails and texts, thank you, btw, friends, I had a stomach bug. 

I'm on the mend. How could I not be when I have such a great nursing staff?

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This....

I've been sick.
It's not been fun.
I don't want to repeat it again.

On to other news, this is what my life has been like as seen through the love of another dachshund named Milo. (source) (Sorry about it being so wonky text like... If I felt better I'd spend time figuring out where I need to edit their html to fit mine... but I don't, so I won't... it's verbatim from the source, so you can go there for pretty :D)

Bonedigger the lion and Milo the Dachshund are best friends. Photo: GW Zoo and Joe Exotic TV
A 500-pound lion named Bonedigger is best friends with Milo, a Dachshund. Bonedigger first met Milo and three other Dachshund puppies five years ago when he was just 4 weeks old.

The pups seemed to instinctively know that Bonnedigger was mildly disabled (he suffers from a metabolic bone disease), and they wanted to protect him, according to Joe Schreibvogel of the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

"The dogs thought it was just a big puppy and have loved each other since," Joe told TODAY via email. "I also think they know the lion is not as normal as the rest.”

Bonedigger with his "pack" and Park manager John Reinke

Milo especially looks after Bonedigger. He cleans Bonedigger's teeth and often imitates Bonedigger's roars. For his part Bonedigger gets very upset when his pride (or pack) is separated from him.

Mom is Sick, Newby is Bored

Mom has a stomach virus and Newby was bored... so an empty cup was perfect to keep a boy quiet for a bit.

Molly the Wally Has a Book!

Frankie posted today about Molly the Wally's book, which is available on Amazon for your kindle or kindle app on your computer or smartphone.

It is available here.  Go pick up a copy today!!  I just grabbed my copy... time for some summer reading, learning all the gossip from our #1 Celebrity Correspondent.

Friday Farm Life

My life, right now...

School is Over... Bring on the Summer!!!

Whew!!! Reed is a Junior now!!

Wordless Wednesday... Well, Wordless After I Say What I Need to Say

Millie and Walter were right about what was going on in yesterday's pictures... the trees shown are White Ash.  These  are Louisville Slugger's "trees of choice" to produce wood to make baseball bats. They are also the Emerald Ash Borer's "tree of choice" for noms. They like them so much they'll nom on the tree until it dies. We have ten on our property.... hopefully those ten will be growing for a long time, and never a party buffet for Borers.

Say a prayer, send some good thoughts, for Lily Belle and Muffin as they take their humans, on a two day car ride, back home today.

Wordless Wednesday comes to you from Newby, who doesn't likes his mom to go outside mowing.** The four a.m. posting comes from my nose, which also doesn't like me outside mowing, but for different reasons.

**Not the best pictures of Newbs, but you get the gist of what he is like the rest of the day.

Farm Quiz

The dogs have been resting up from the past weekend getting ready for the long weekend coming so they refused to let me use the flashy beast near them.

As a result I thought I'd quiz you on a subject you've never studied.

Yesterday the arborist came and worked on a specific type of tree on our property. Can you tell me what he did, what type of tree we are trying to keep healthy, and what is trying to make this type of tree sick.

Hint: Batter up!!!

Monday, Monday

Where did the "lazy, fun, dachshund filled, drinks on the patio while reading the new John Sandford book" weekend go? Sigh.

Newby Has a Full Name

Remember when we were sad because Newby and Dixie didn't have a full name like Milo.. you know the name that you say when you are trying to let them know they are in trouble?  Dixie, we decided, would become "Dixie, Henna Way You Want It", but we just couldn't find the 'right' name for Newby.

Yesterday, by accident, Newby got his full name. (You can thank Reed for this one....)

We present to you....  Newby Wan Kenobi.

Silent Saturday

Been a busy weekend, but not so busy we couldn't go to watch the new Star Trek (awesome btw) and come home for a snuggle with some fur-babies.

Some Additions to the Dog-atio

Ok, so Catio sounds so much better, but we don't have cats... Well, we do have cats, but they are feral cats who have migrated to our little farm. They aren't named so technically they aren't mine.

Point is, we added a fence to keep the four leggers on the patio. (Read that as Newby) It works, too. Last night they enjoyed sitting on the cushions, listening to the birds, and getting a neck scritch from mom. My little piece of heaven. Now to extend the deck out.. but that's after I work on my bonfire pit in the back.

Yeah, I got nothing to blog about today... can you tell? :)

Wordless Wednesday

If You Know the Type of Flower...

You know who sent the beautiful love to me...

Much love back to them....

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