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Where in the World is Dixie?

Yesterday, Dixie was hiding during Kentucky's sudden temperature drop... we couldn't find her because she wouldn't answer and leave her warm napping spot... can you find her?

Ready for Bed

Yes, we are those crazy dog owners who have their beds on the floor instead of bed rails to help our dogs easily get on the bed (from the foot). What can I say, I love a good snuggle!!! On occasion, they get too tired to hop into bed themselves, so Mom has to become the doggie elevator and give a boost.

But with a cute face like Newby's there is no way you can say "no".

My New Favorite Necklace

Once again Blogger on my phone is acting crazy... so you'll get my Tuesday post on Monday night... cause I'm tired of writing it only to see it disappear when I hit "save".  Perhaps tomorrow I'll try a post without pictures or anything "special" to see if I can get it to save and post appropriately. 
Ok, to the real reason for my post.  Newby, Milo and Dixie saved their green papers and bought me a great necklace from Ms. Laura and Animal Rescue & Activism by Crafting4Cause on Etsy
It's handmade, has a special color bead for each of my babies, and it goes to help other animals in need. It was only $20 delivered.
I absolutely love it. The sentiment of "Love Little Legs" is something we all appreciate and share... but coupled with the dachshund charm and my babies' colors just makes it even more special to my heart.
I found the shop because a friend had posted it on Facebook.. a delightful find IMHO. I love buying things from Etsy, and helping the small businesses. Especially if they offer dachshund things :)
Check them out... and all the other shops on Etsy.

***Update.. I received a great little note from the shop after I wrote thanking her for the necklace and telling her I blogged about it.  Here is her response:
Thanks for the sweet message! I'm so glad you love your necklace and that it has special meaning for you!!!! That makes my day! :D

Normally I try to donate to specifically to non-profit organizations that offer free and low cost spay/neuter (since fewer animals means less will need rescue!), but since I've had quite a few people wanting this particular necklace it seemed more fitting that I send some donation money to a dachshund rescue organization. So I recently sent a nice sum to Dachshund Rescue of North America. But oftentimes I do send money to Dena Delgado who runs Dachshund Rescue in Southern California. Dena is good friends with the woman who runs the rescue I volunteer with so I'm very familar with their work and I've met and spoken with Dena quite a few times. It's a really great organization that really focuses on unwanted senior dachshunds and those needing medical care. I'm so thankful that I have an opportunity to donate to these great organizations! So thank you for helping me do this!!!

That's so neat that you mentioned your necklace on your blog!!!
Again, thank you for your message!

Bond, Newby Bond

We had a little James Bond inspired Oscar/Birthday party tonight... You know me, I love a good party!!!  Especially a theme party when I can bring the whole event together, with just a little bit of thought. I'm posting now instead of Monday because I will need tomorrow to recuperate from my night!!! No, actually it's because blogger is acting crazy and I'll afraid I'll lose the whole post if I wait until tomorrow to post. 

The puppies were invited, of course... my friends know our dogs are always invited to any shindig at our house.  Luckily for me or friends are dog peeps. Well, I guess if they weren't were probably wouldn't be friends.

Dixie went as Puppy Galore. Newby as James Bond. What else could Milo be but "M"?  A great time was had by all; two and four leggers alike.

(Lily, don't faint when you see your boy dressed up. He is definitely a sexy beast.)

Newby the Artist

I finally got around to persuading Newby to get his paws wet and give his artist DNA a workout.  I have to admit he kept looking at me like WTF?!? But he loved the bath afterward (no sarcasm.. Newby loves baths... I think that is why he is such a bath voyeur... I think he hopes I'll put him in with me.)

I believe Newby did a fantastic job with his painting... now I have a set of three fantastic original prints right above my bed.

I'm including pictures by Milo and Dixie, too. They painted their pictures a couple years ago. :)

Happy Sunday... I'm off to get my house ready for a James Bond inspired Oscar/Birthday party tonight.

DWM Quilt Raffle

WHN and the wonderful Doxies with Moxie emailed me a month ago regarding their quilt raffle, and it got lost in my emails so I forgot to post it when they asked me to (two days ago).  PLEASE PLEASE FEEL FREE to COPY and PASTE this information on one of your Blog Posts. We really hope they can raise enough to cover the adoption fee and to help the rescue group. Once you finish reading the letter from the Dachshies With Moxie...... please... CLICK HERE to find out MUCH more.

Dear Blogville,

We the Dachsies With Moxie (Chip and Tasha) have a wonderful announcement!  Yes, you guessed- WHN and Dad have failed yet again at being foster parents and we wish to welcome His Snoopyness into the DWM pack officially!

Snoopy has thrived under Chip's tutelage and has warmed Tasha's heart, and has become Dad's BDF (Best Dachshund Furever).  He protects WHN while Dad is at work and keeps us on our toes.  He is very protective of his pack and his home, and does NOT like other peeps very much.  (He is NOT a biter but a very persistent barker)  The mail man fears him as does the UPS man.  Squirrels shudder as he passes by.  This is probably due to his background and we are working very hard at changing that for him and it will take a great deal of time.  He is currently enrolled in the beginner training class at PetSmart but he already knows that he has to repeat it- his anxiety is such that he barks the entire class and heeds the pawrents, but not the teacher. He is making great improvements that are easily seen each week, but his anxiety is such that he gets spooked too easily by shadows and off he goes on a barking tear.  At night, he and Chip sleep together in the Big Bed, guarding WHN from all enemies foreign and domestic, and he takes his duties at Dachshund Security, LLC seriously.  His allergies are under control, but all we need to find now is a training treat that will not make him sick to his stomach or cause an allergic reaction.

As Blogville is aware, we had to leave our home in Ohio and move to St Louis when Dad was hired by the MetroLink rail system.  While we have lived here for almost six months, the house in Ohio remains unsold, and we are paying rent and utilities here in Missouri and the mortgage and utiities in Ohio.  As such, WHN and Dad are having trouble coming up with the 275.00 needed for Snoopy's adoption fees and we are asking Blogville for help.

WHN is going to sponsor a raffle for an original Frankie Furter quilt, 45 x 45 inches in size, colors of your choosing and of course with a portrait of the winning Blogville resident on it.  Tickets will be 2.00 a piece, or six for ten dollars, via PayPal or the Chipin on the blog.  IF you prefer to send check, money order or cash, please email WHN at DachsiesWithMoxieMama AT gmail DOT com with the relevant info.

The raffle will run from March 1st through March 15th, with our beloved former Mayor, Frankie Furter Price, drawing the winner's name on the 17th of March.  The quilt will be sent to the winner by the end of April.  

IF the raffle raises more money than is needed to pay Snoopy's adoption fees, the remaining funds will be donated to DRNA, Dachshund Rescue of North America.  DRNA has been a source of great joy in our lives- Ginger, Chip, Thai, Tasha and Snoopy have all come into our lives from this rescue, and we know that we are the rescuees, not the dachshunds.  


I Wish I Knew...

I wish I knew what you are thinking, Newby.

Are you thinking of the old days with your previous owners? Perhaps you are thinking of the brother Jack Russell you had who was adopted by another family? Maybe you are thinking about the really nice vet and vet tech who wouldn't the mean lady put you to sleep?

I'd like to think your thoughts are happier than those possibilities. Maybe you are thinking of your girl, Lily Belle. Perhaps you are thinking about lunch? Maybe you are thinking about me, Milo and Dixie and how much we love you. Because that's what I'm thinking... I love you, Newby.

Puddles and Pip's World Tour Has Hit Facebook

Oh, dear, I saw this on a friend's Facebook page yesterday.. A non-blogville friend who lives in California. I don't know FUR SURE this is Puddles and Pip, but kinda resembles them, dontchuthink? 

If it does prove to be our Doggy Version of Thelma and Louise, perhaps an intervention might be called for....  I can see them now on (Puddles Thinks She is a) "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drool".

Wordless Wednesday

A Great Guide for Us Dog Minions

Although I will let you know my dogs have said they believe the University of Minnesota is meddling in their food bowls, I had to share this handy little guide they posted on FB and a friend shared.

Newby Loves His Squeaky

Miss Lily's choice of squeaky toys has made Newby very happy.. this picture was taken last night right before bedtime. He sleeps with his squeaky, takes it to breakfast and dinner, naps with it, and leaves it right by the back door while he goes outside.

Lily's toy choice has made an impression. True love for sure.

Burgers & Shakes

There is this amazing institution in Lexington I had never visited until last year... Burgers & Shakes. It is cheap and fast and pretty plain and wonderful.

If you have doubts, just ask Newby his opinion....

Uh.. Silent Saturday?

I don't have much to say... Just wanted to share this sweet little scene from my shower on Friday.. I'll call this one "Milo, the Dog Who Waited" (Doctor Who reference for the win!!!)

Valentine's Day <3

Newby got a special gift from his special girl today... I'm sure the pictures won't come up in the order I'd like, so just know that Newby is chuffed to bits with his squeaky (he opened it and immediately took off to start squeaking), Milo and Dixie are tickled you remembered them with treats, and I've absconded with Newby's blanket to go with my lovely hand painted wine glass (though I have it filled with plain M&Ms right now as I'm off the wine until I'm healthy.. be perfect for my red heart healthy glass of wine each night.)

Thank you, Lily... you and Muffin know how to please the four and two legged alike.

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