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Sunday Snickers - Ninja Puppy

Hopefully you've seen "Ninja Cat" on Youtube, and now we have a dachshund edition... Introducing "Ninja Puppy"

Keep Your Best Furiends Safe this Independence Day

Check out more information at Petfinder... One lost pet is one pet too many. 

Do I Really Have to Get Up?

It's almost the weekend, Baby Boy... then we can snuggle more.. Promise!!!


Wordless Wednesday

Farm Livin' is the Life for Me..

To continue with my themes from tv shows, I present to you Milo, who is happier than Arnold Ziffel after a rainstorm, surveying the land.

Bee Tee Dubs: the lawn and leaf bags are hightech means to control weeds... they also biodegrade adding nutrients to the soil.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'... Keep Those Dachshunds Rollin'

Newby found something very interesting to roll in... shame it was immediately washed away... #BadMommy

We Need to Rethink Our Drives During the Summer

We went on a trip to Home Depot to look at plants for our mom's front planting bed. It was 90° and we were so hot. Mom had the air conditioning on as cold as it would go and even brought us water, but we still were exhausted and overheated.

I think from now on we'll just go on air conditioned country road drives... or the Sonic Drive-In.

Saturday Drive-by

When Amber DaWeenie and her family visited us, her dad asked what the big farms near our house did with all the land they had. I told him they have cows and horses on most of the land, but some of the fields they let the grass grow so they can have hay for the winter. I wanted to take a picture of one of the fields being made into round bales this weekend.

Unfortunately there are those who want to outlaw round bales..... because the cows aren't getting a square meal!!!!!!! Bwahahahaha!!! We crack ourselves up!!!

Benny -- Fight Like a Frenchie!!

Keep fighting, Benny!!  Please visit and show him, and his family, your love! Benny and Lily!

Friday Farm Life

I have a full weekend of projects to do around the farm. But even if I didn't start the first project, Kentucky weather is treating my little property, and all who live here, beautifully.

Btw, that was our dinner last night... balsamic, rosemary, maple, peach chicken. If you want to know how to make it, check here.

Throwback Thursday -- Doxie Edition

 Milo's at 1 month
 Dixie's First Day with us
Newby's First Day with us

Wordless Wednesday -- Dixie is Hiding


I had not had the opportunity to meet Benny and Lily and their family, nor read their blog before this week.  Blogville is such a HUGE place, filled with so many people, you often times do not get a chance to meet all the others unless you go on a world tour like Pip.  I found out through our lovely Blogville friends that Mr. Benny has the awful "C". 

The "C" is horrible. We grrr at the "C". All we have to say is this: Whether the "C" be attacking our people or our furiends, the "C" is not welcome anymore.  We want the "C" to leave and, Mr. "C", don't let the screen door hit you on the butt on your way out.

But, back to Mr. Benny (btw he has the cutest face ever!!!).  He needs our help. It's very expensive to fight the "C". They have set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost. If you can give $1 or $1000, every little bit helps.

To show you every little bit adds up, in one day, Blogville has raised almost $5,000.  That is a LOT of green papers from our little community. 

I am in awe of you....and I know Mr. Benny is in awe of you, too.

From our house to yours, Mr. Benny, put on your fighting gear, like we are... we are gonna help you fight the "C" starting right now!

Mondays Suck

It's a grey and cloudy day outside and we are all grouchy...

Pffffft on Mondays!!!!

Weekends are the Best

Views from a trip to PetSmart.

Silent (Wish I Was Still Snoozing) Saturday

Everyone had a great time... but I'm ready for a nap!!

Look At Newby!!!

Yup, that would be my big boy going outside to potty, and back again, without his lead on!!!

So very proud of my big boy!!!! Rock on Newby!! :D

Gonna be a busy weekend here... Reed has five friends coming over to go to see "Man of Steel" with us tonight then they are camping out at our house afterward. So today I need to prep the camp site and get their cooler filled with smore stuff. Nothing else matters on a camping trip but smores, people... nothing.

And 45 Seconds Later.....

the storm was over and the sun returned. Now it was an intense 45 seconds of sideways rain, trees blowing and dropping limbs, power outage, etc, but still.... it was gone before the dogs had time to get scared.

I think Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel need to take a little vacation. But ultimately, I'd rather be prepared than surprised like last year's derecho!

Thank you for all the positive thoughts! Catch you all tomorrow!!!

Well, We Are Still Here... For Now...

Apparently the dreaded bad weather is going to hit TODAY and not last night as I thought. It would help if I watched the news or read things besides your blogs and the /aww and /dachshunds sections of Reddit every now and again. 

So as I posted already for 'today', but I still wanted to post to say 'howdy', I will make this into a "Thankful Thursday" post.

A few things I am thankful for... no order... and I will probably forget a hundred things I could have posted...

Puddles' momma is doing kinda well after her hellbow surgery. I had the honor of meeting Miss Puddles, Miss Whitney and Mr. Albert, as well as their momma and her hellbow, last fall.  They are absolutely adorable!!! I am glad that she is feeling better!!  Now I am hoping that she might let herself heal before she starts commenting and posting a lot.

Play it safe, Mrs. Allison. We love reading your posts about how Puddles has gotten into yet another scrape.  Do what the doctor tells you... even if it does take a while for you to mend! We love you bunches... and that hellbow is not something to play around with!!!

Lorenza is posting again and commenting.  Miss Lorenza was one of my first friends, with Mr. Frankie.  In fact, I would only comment on Miss Lorenza's and Mr. Frankie's posts for my first year of blogging.  (I was a stalker).  Seeing posts from Lorenza and comments makes me very, very happy.

She is the most fashionable dachshund I know!! Her grandmother makes the most beautiful clothing for her to wear!! I am pretty sure she has more clothing than I do.

Lady is back with Marley!  I know he was pining for his momma, so it is great they are all together again, even if it is 1000 degrees in their country right now.

Marley and Newby both have great love for Miss Lily Belle.   She must be a pretty special girl to have the love of two such handsome suitors!!

I have several other things to say "Thank you" for... like the big super moon coming on June 22-23 so we can say "Hi and we Miss You" to Remington! And, and,.. gosh.. so much... but the skies are getting dark and the trees are blowing around.  I still don't know when it's supposed to hit, but as I spent a lot of money on my computer, I'd rather be safe, you know??? So I will power down my computer, turn on some NCIS and go snuggle up with my puppers.

But, one last thing, and one of the most important "Thank yous" I can say is to each of you readers and bloggers. You are amazing, loving, giving and awesome.  Your blogs make my heart happy, your comments make me laugh, and just knowing there are people like you in a troubled world makes me feel better.

Much love from Shelle, Milo, Newby and Dixie

Fun in the Sun

I'm preparing my Thursday post while sitting with my baby dogs Wednesday afternoon.  I'm going to post it now, before bedtime or the skies darken, just in case the high winds and storms take out our power or internets this evening.

Frankie and Ernie taught me a new word today.. derecho... kinda wish I didn't know it. I definitely hope I don't have to talk about it to Jim Cantore, from the Weather Channel, after it goes through my town.

Until the rain starts falling, we are going to enjoy the deck, the sun and the  "perfectness" three puppies can bring to a family.

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