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Squeak... squeak... squeak....

Every night, around the same time, Newby goes on a hunt.. imagine if you will Elmer Fudd asking you to be "Vewy, Vewy, Qwiet becawse he is Hunting Sqwweakies". 

He gathers them around and then the entertainment begins.

Enjoy the serenade of the squeakie toys.

Momma is A Bit Busy...

Mom is busy working on a show for next Friday and doing some prep work for the spring production of the "Scottish Play" so she hasn't been around much. In fact she works, then exercises, then works, then does REAL work, then sleeps... she is pretty boring.

In fact, we are so mad at her that Newby is showing her his thoughts on all this work!! Join us in showing your best side to her and her lack of blogging, viewing, and responding ways.

**In my defense, this might be my last of this musical concert shows. I've been doing them for 7 years now!!! I would like, if this is the last one for this production company, for it to be amazing.  I do video production for theatres on the side, in case you are new to me... think the video screens behind Carrie Underwood or Red Hot Chili Peppers... that stuff? I would be all me!! Also, my first production meeting for the "Scottish Play" is Thursday for a run in the middle of April. :)  Just bear with me until 11/10.  Even poor Reed's 16th birthday is falling in the middle of this 11/06, and he is getting the short end of the stick, too!! :(

The Best Part of Waking Up...

is my choice in bed partners!!!

Last Bit of Warm Sun...

Before mean Ol' Mister Winter starts his travels to our neck of the woods.

Fall Has.. uhm.. Fallen?

I was amazed to come home and find all the previously green and lush trees are all now droopy, colored and dying. (Fall isn't my favorite season, btw.) 

But the dogs have loved it!  Well, not the mornings when the leaves are all wet and can stick to their undercarriage... but they adore romping in the dry leaves!!

Here is a bit of my little world right now.

Vacations Should be 51 Weeks of the Year

Reed and I spent a good portion of our drive back trying to figure out what we liked best about our vacation... well, that and Reed was talking non-stop about Miss Puddle's mom's voice and how he found it charming.  (He said something about how he needed a southern to English dictionary, too... apparently there are South Carolina words that are not in the Kentucky vernacular.)

But we spent a good portion of the day just reliving the time we spent and solidifying memories. (Its all about making memories, you folks with little kids... try and make as many memories as possible both for you and them..)

Here are a few of the things that stood out for us... these are in no specific order...:

***My Aunt's Tri-Tip Steak... It was amazing!!!It was grilled perfectly. We made total hogs of ourselves. I'm converted to this as a grilled option!!

***The Orlando Magic vs Indiana Pacers Pre-Season Game.  Seriously this was just the coolest thing ever, and we do not even like either team.  The Amway Center is so very nice, the seats were amazing (Got them for $20 on Craig's List by the way), and the experience was made even better by the people who helped you.  If I lived local, I would have season tickets.  Not to say I'm a converted Magic fan, but they do basketball good in Downtown Orlando.  (Reed even caught a free t-shirt!!)

***Disney's Epcot.  Between the Fish and Chips right before we watched fireworks to the various rides which made your heart happy we are always inventing and exploring!  (We were given park hopper passes from the neighbor across the street who works for Disney.... nice huh?)

 ***The beach. Seriously I cannot say enough about this place. Playalinda Beach is a part of the Canaveral National Seashore. Yes, you go onto Kennedy Space Center to get to it. So after all these escarpments and gates and official looking bunkers you get to see the most amazing stretch of beach ever.  In the distance you get to see one of the Space Shuttle Launch sites, as well.  It is clean, clear and beautiful.  Please go there if you can, just once, you'll be spoiled for any other beach.

***Mini Golf. We always play mini golf in whatever city we travel to, if it is available. I said Reed cheats, and I stand by it. NO ONE could make that many holes in one without cheating or selling their souls to the devil.

***Meeting Puddles and family.  Ok, they were just the cutest of dogs and Allison is the most charming of hosts.  We cannot say enough good things about them. :)  I'm posting a picture of Miss Whitney because Puddles totally is a hog of the limelight...

***Songs we played a whole lot, which I don't believe we liked much before we left 10/11

The Post When I P*ss Off Every Driver on the Eastern Seaboard

I'm back from vacation!! Yay!! I know you've missed me.  I mean really missed me. Oh, ok, so you've really missed Milo, Dixie and Newby, but let me pretend for just a bit, mmk??

I would love to write just one post about my whole trip, but y'all ain't got that kinda time. I mean it would be like War and Peace length, but not nearly as boring and probably more important a piece of literature if I was to be honest.  So you'll just have to wait for little snippets of stuff.  And, look at it this way, with my ADD I'll probably get bored and move onto another subject quicker than I'd like and you'll not have to read my "Vacation Chronicles".

So, back to the subject at hand.

Honestly, you can just stop reading here, because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make you or a relative mad. :D  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Reed and I ALWAYS drive down to Florida.  We love the ride. We do some bonding over music and books on CD. We people watch. We drive really fast. (As I'm back I will say that with complete aplomb as Mr. Florida State Trooper is pretty far away from my little house in Kentucky.)

Now I'm not a weaver in and out of traffic, making a tapestry of mad drivers who are waiting for me to pull over at a rest area so they can lynch me or anything. But... I made several people angry.  In turn, they made me pretty mad, too.

So let me go on to tell you who I found to be the best and worst drivers of Florida Trip 2012.  Keep in mind we traveled down I-75 to Orlando (814 miles which took me 10 hours 11 minutes with 3 potty/gas breaks and a 45 lunch break.. yeah, do your math and you can get my average speed which is well above the speed limit, but as I was told to 'keep it under a 100' I kept my promise.. mostly), then up the coastline to visit Miss Puddles on the way home (895 miles which took me 87 million hours because of all the University of South Carolina fans who were hoofing home from being beat like a red-headed stepchild by the University of Florida Gators).

The Best Drivers?  Those who weren't on the road.  Seriously, I could write a diatribe on how inconsiderate people are, but since I really need to get to the gym to work off some of my Aunt's cooking I will refrain.

If I had to pick a "best of the worst" driver it would be Georgia drivers. They would at least get over out of the fast lane if they saw me barreling up behind them.  They didn't seem to camp in the fast lane making the slow lane the 'new' fast lane. Seriously folks, that makes me so mad... Why camp over in the fast lane, people? Get your bidness done and move back to the slower or middle lane!!!

I hated Tennessee drivers for camping... for being inconsiderate... for just being lame in all things.

Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina drivers seem to mostly be concerned with things going on in their cars. It was weird. You'd see them weave and they were busy fiddling with their purses or radio or lighting a cigarette.

Ohio and Kentucky (where I'm from) were so busy gawking at stuff they had no clue they were driving. It was sad. I mean, you let them out of the country for a bit and they cannot keep their brains to business.

South Carolina drivers. Well, they were just too funny to watch as they were mostly sporting USC Fighting Gamecocks stuff and they had just been sent home by Florida's Fighting Gators. Nothing like seeing a fan base coming home from a beating. :D

I had a New York driver flirt with me... at least I think that is what he was doing when he rolled down his window and pointed to the ceiling of his car with his middle finger. I mean, for New York that has to be romance, eh?

If you drive a motorcycle, pull a caravan/trailer, or drive a Prius, I hate you. I loathe your very existence. 

The Worst Drivers of all? Florida. I am pretty sure they actually are not ALL Florida drivers, but have rental cars and are all from Tennessee or something.  They short stop, they talk on their phones, they do not check their blind spots, etc. I saw so many 'near misses' while in Florida that I stopped counting them and just considered them 'normal'. Now that is sad.

The worst place to drive? North and South Carolina.
Dear Government Officials, Please open up toll booths at the start and the end of your state and charge us all $2.00 a car to get in and then out of your lovely area. Use this money to make all your roads 3-4 lanes. Thank you, Shelle P
The prettiest places to drive? North and South Carolina. I think they did that on purpose, tbh.

I have never been in a wreck, I have never had a ticket, and although I've had some near misses, I've always been a safe, although fast (read that lead-footed) driver.  So should you be going to Florida around the beginning of the year (when I am planning to go to Orlando again) and see a little silver Hyundai Azera coming up the fast lane, move your slow butt over. :D

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig!!

We are home... Laundry has been started... Dinner started... And we are ready to rest!!

Who knew a vacation could be so tiring?!?

Tomorrow I will catch up on your posts and tell you all about our trip!!

PS.  Newby is pouting and won't talk to me. :(

Up and Ready To Party!!!

Actually, we are barely awake.. I slept 12 hours last night O_o

But this morning we meet the one and only Puddles... But first I'm making waffles!!!

In Puddles Country...

And we are exhausted.... One day very soon I am going to write a diatribe against the driving practices of all the people on the eastern seaboard, but for now we are exhausted.... But cannot wait to see Allison and Miss Puddles tomorrow morning... For now it's TGI Fridays and a early bed time for us both...

Sun Shine Day!

I think three little wiggly, sausage-y bodies know that mom is close to coming back home. :)

There is some great video footage of Newby explaining how he read an email saying mom was packing up her Florida stuff and heading north, but for some reason blogger on my android doesn't post videos... Only Newby didn't read the whole email else he wouldn't be so happy. You see, when mom and Reed leave Florida they are heading to Puddles house for a visit!!

Yup, momma is going to be hugging another dog really soon. :)

Feeling Pretty Magical

After a day feeling the Disney Magic, tonight we are feeling magical with the Orlando Magic.

Pretty cool, huh??

We have been too busy to post much... Know we are thinking of you!!

Mommy versus Puppies...

Bath time (well kinda)...

Mini Golf

My son cheats... just sayin'... =D

Scenes From the Couch

Pretend this is Wordless Wednesday cause I have nothing important to say... But from the barking faces, they must have a lot to say!!!

Playalinda Means Gorgeous in Shelle's Version of Spanish

Sunday afternoon after church Reed and I went to Playalinda Beach which is part of the Kennedy Space Station Nature Preserve. It was so beautiful. I cannot even explain how moved I was by this untamed beach. It waswithout all the commercial influences and man cleared dunes. In other words, exceptional.

All along the drive there you were reminded it was a federal facility by the concrete bunkers and gated, off-limit areas, but once you turned this final corner, parked your car, and climbed the bridge over the protected dunes, you forgot all about Kennedy Space Center and only could focus on the beauty of untamed nature.

I fell in love.. No other beach will do it for me again!!

Easy Like Sund... Saturday Evening

Although I'm sure my babies had an easy day today, too, last night they definitely slowed down to a stop.

I think they are missing me, or depressed about the WVU loss still...

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