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Just the life and times of a silly girl, her dachshunds and all things Southern!


Miss Puddley-Duddley-Doo of We3Doxies, cause her mum isn't making her listen to "Payphone" by Maroon 5 nearly enough today...

My Little Jinx...

She was at it again... We played cards and I lost incredibly... again.  Seriously, Dixie Lou Marie Pennigton is cramping my style.

Just so you know, we play a weird card game.  You place four cards down, then four cards up, then deal out nine for the hand.  The 10 'kills' the pile, the 2 resets the pile.  You simply start placing cards down trying to rid your hand and the stacks dealt up and down.  Its fun, but Dixie never lets me win.

Best Part of the Weekend?

Spending quality time with Milo and Dixie.

Not the best part of the weekend? Getting beat while playing cards. -_-

Just Ten More Minutes, Mom...

Milo regretting changing his life plan into "farm dog".


It's Awfully Spidery in There...

(Yeah, I know... two posts!!) 

This be waiting in my bathroom for the next person who comes over, who ain't 'fraid of spiders to take care of... in a non-humane way... kill the sucker, please??

**Yes, we apparently grow these things H U G E in the country -_-

My Life Right Now...

Perfect... Idyllic..

*listening to Five Finger Death Punch.. Can't be to stereotypical after all...

We Stayed Up All Night...

And still can't figure out how to use the New Blogger.
*actually we did figure it out, we just don't like it.*

The New Blogger, Just like New Coke, A Really Bad Idea

So, I hate the new Blogger lay-out.... So does Dixie. We shall go and pout now... You know....  Cause the internets sucks.  

Shelle, Milo and Dixie
Lost in while trying to Use the New Blogger
Somewhere in Kentucky

Shelle, Shelle Quite Contrary..

How does my garden grow???
As you can see, quite well.

Sisters Stink!!!

It is no secret Milo doesn't care for Dixie... No bonding going on at my house... She steals his bones... Takes away bits if grilled chicken which would normally be his.. Grabs prime lap space... Takes his covers... Takes my attention from his belly rubs... But every now and again he likes her... Especially since she can reach his ears :)

When You Are Sick....

This is the face which helps you feel better.

Garden :)

For those who doubted I could grow anything, nanner-nanner-boo-boo.


Another One Bites the Dust...

Well, this one made it almost 4 months. That is a record at our house. :) I wasn't at home to view the slaughter, just walked in to find the carnage lying on my office rug.

They were both pleased.

How I Spent My Afternoon...

Dixie decided she didn't wish to go back inside after her afternoon walk, so we brought out the Kindle and a blanket for an afternoon of sunbathing.

"Best day ever", said Dixie.

Milo Giving His Approval...

Reed was pleased to know that Milo, after giving the chewy bone and snuggle test, has approved of his new shorts.

All in a days work for a dachshund.

And I Will Call Him George...

We have bunnies for zoomies, like Frank and Ernie. We saw three baby bunnies this morning. As there are only two of us, Milo and Dixie, I think we need another dachshund to help us out!!

Taxes: They are Done!

Now don't be all impressed... I have a very lovely accountant who I send endless emails of poorly fashioned spreadsheets, boxes of greasy receipts, crumpled bits of paper with phone numbers and addresses, pictures of the mileage on my car.. Ok, so I exaggerated a wee bit. But, honestly its been a (not) joy getting my taxes together this year.

Results? (Remember this is for regular paycheck taxes plus my business Penned Design):

Refund $699 (I think she said) Federal (which is going toward the estimates for my quarterly business taxes June and September, 2012, but I paid $300 for first quarter April, 2012)
Owe $317 KY (which sucks...and will necessitate an adjustment in paying more 2012 to make sure I do not pay next year) and added to it a $80 check for First Quarter 2012
Owe nothing to City or Fayette County Schools... :) which is fantastic.

I'm off to Elizabethtown to prepare for the coming weekend. Oh, wondering about my little furbabies? Milo and Dixie are ensconced in my bed, keeping the home safe from dust bunnies and lint... they excel at their home based business, Dachshund Security are Us!


Mom must have been on some kinda psychotic, uhm, psychic wavelength with Frankie and Ernie's mom last night. Cause here we are, in the dreaded bathtub, getting all the good smells taken off and replaced by Oatmeal smells. OATMEAL?!?! How can we be respected members of the dachshund community when we smell like breakfast?!?! >_< You know those Moms.... just can't understand them.

(Shelle note: Dixie is the copper color and Milo is the black and tan... for some information how they came to be in our family, check out their Gotcha Page).

Frankie and Ernie's mom was so sweet to say really nice things about us (and the Dachshund Cleanliness OCD Queen, our mom). We guess its best we did put on our best furs last night so we can say "Howdy" today. Although, we're pretty sure you'd rather smell some of the good smells we have on our little farm here in Kentucky. They are reallyyy good smells... dead stuff, poop from foxes, bunny fluffy fur smells, fresh tilled ground smells... ahhh, its heavenly!! :) Next time, hopefully, we can have scratch and sniff pictures for you!

Well, here is the welcome mat.... :) Sit and stay a while... :) And, remember... we're southern, so if you sit and stay long enough, we'll feed you, too! :D

How do you take your iced tea? Sweet or sweet?

First Offerings..

From our garden.... Red Lettuce :)

Free Dachshund Kindle Book (Today Only 4/12)

Go quickly to Amazon and pick up your free copy of Sasha, Extraordinary Dachshund. It is free today only.... so hurry!!

It's Way Too Early...

Why do I have to get up??? Even the cat next door isn't up yet, Mom!!!

My Little Jinx...

This might look like the face of an angel, but this is the face of a jinx. Jinx, I tell you. J I N X. Lemme explain why...

We like to play games at our house. Xbox, PS3, Board games, card games, word games, memory games, anything, heck we even have a parcel of games you can play just in the car.... Game play was something I did as a kid, and now am passing along the love of playing games (whether electronic or tabletop) to my kid.

But, Miss Dixie... well, she is cramping my style. When its warm, we sit out on the screened in porch and enjoy our game time. Dixie has found that I am the perfect lap for snuggling, especially if I wrap her up in her favorite blanket. The moment Miss Dixie Doodle sits in my lap, I begin losing. Every. Single. Time.

Its getting annoying... not that I'm uber competitive or anything... But jeez.

And, through it all, she looks just like the picture above. Guess, I'm pretty lucky anyway, eh?

My Redneck Mailbox...

I waited until after I had it fixed to post.... but I had to share my 'jimmy-rigged" mailbox.

Yes, folks, that is gorilla tape and bungee cords holding that bad boy together. Who says I cannot be 'handy'???

I'm not sure if some kid baseballed it or if the hardware just rusted out... but I was left with this for several days until the handyman could come fix it.

Now here is our new mailbox... Ready for some numbers.

Happy Easter from the Neighbors!

Yes, they are using their boat as trailer to haul away their lawn waste.

I Always Wondered...

I always wondered why there were "Charcoal" flavor dog bones... Dixie, God Bless her little Redneck heart, has shown me why. Girlfriend loves (and I mean LOVES) to eat the left over bits from the bonfires we have. O_O Crazy dog.

I keep her away as much as I can, but sometimes, like today, she grabs a bit to eat.

At least she waits until they are cool!

Last Night...

A dinner was shared between friends, co-workers, students, family... today their Friend, Leader, Teacher, Father is to be put to death on a tree... for you... for me... for them... for all.

Here are a few of the songs I am listening to today to celebrate my Savior's sacrifice for you... for me... for them... for all.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night...

Ok, so it wasn't really that stormy, but Milo will use any excuse to snuggle down under the cover. Lucky for him he doesn't have to sleep outside on top of a doghouse like Snoopy... Though it would be totally fine with me if he could type out a novel!

Finally! :)

Yay!!! Yummmyyyyyy!!!
Mom got us some ice cream of our own!!

Ice Cream Run...

For mom... She brought us Milkbones

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