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Boot Tray ala Martha Stewart

As you know we have been getting hit hard with snow, rain, and all the yucky stuff. I had grown very tired of an ugly green towel sitting by the back door to put our wet boots and shoes on. Luckily a friend sent me the link to Martha Stewart's pebble filled tray which was exactly what I was looking to create, but never had the idea -darn Martha and her ideas!-.

I had no scrap wood to use, nor the funds to go out to buy the necessary things to make it from Lowe's, so I went to my handy-dandy Goodwill and found the perfect solution.

There stuck on a bottom shelf was this little lonely black plastic tray. It had dust all in it, as it had been passed over quite a few times I suspect. The price? Fifty cents!! Yeah, that fits in my budget perfectly.

The rocks are a mixture of having a boy child who picks up rocks every where he goes and a single bag of pebbles from the Dollar Tree. I simply glued them to the tray with some Gorilla Glue and let it cure for a couple days before putting it to use.

My cost out of pocket? $1.50 (50 cents for the tray and $1 for a bag of rocks.)

Not only is it a nice functional piece, it has lots of memories from the places we have visited (New Mexico, Cancun, South Carolina, Florida, and even home in West Virginia).

As we got 6 inches of snow last night, I suspect it will be holding our wet sneakers and boots very soon!


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