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Just the life and times of a silly girl, her dachshunds and all things Southern!

Songs for Puddles Cause We Loves Her

A little someecard we saw which made us think of the Puddles.

Miss Puddles has been driving our momma Cat Poop Crazy with one particular song.. You know, a song that get stuck in your head and Won't. Ever. Leave? And since we LOVES the Puddles SO MUCH, we decided to help her momma out with some songs.. you know.. for the gym... =D

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Happy Birthday, Frankie!!

Today is a special day!!! It's Mr. Frankie's birthday!  And what is even more special, today is the first day Young Master Ernie spoke.  Momma Price sure is extra sneaky teaching her half how to speak!

So, Mr. Mayor, we thought this would be appropriate for your birthday.  If he has any of Francine's DNA coming up to rule, the pup may NEVER shut up! :)

Have a great birthday!  (And GO TRIBE!!!)
Love, Shelle, Milo and Dixie

Our Caricatures!

When we went to the Dachshund Derby on Saturday there was this fantabulous lady there who was doing Caricatures of all the 4 legged people.  She was so good!  Mom said she just had to have ours. (She really likes having our artwork on the walls of her bedroom.  You'd think our 2 legged brother would be all jealous, but he is pretty nice about it... but we notice he does forget to treat us when we do good stuff -_-!)

Milo looking all sweet and loving.

The lady who did our Caricatures is named Linda Boileau, and she lives just right up the Bourbon Trail in Versailles.  Her website is if anyone is interested in having some special artwork done.  Cause you know you gots to have lots of dachshund artwork around to make a house and true home.
You can see Miss Evil Thang being evil... see????

May I Have a Weekend to Recover from the Last Weekend?

To say this weekend was a blur would be an understatement!  From graduation parties, reconnecting with old (and new itty bitty baby) friends, to seeing a Reds vs Rockies baseball game, to a dachshund derby, to food (and dessert) overload, playing cards (with Milo REALLY going all in and showing his behind to everyone) and movies (in this case the BBC's Sherlock) in the backyard, visiting graves, a little bit of work to make some money, and even some fireworks, I am exhausted.

Now I think I will do some work so I can rest!

Hope your weekend was wonderful. And always remember America is free because of the brave.  God bless them and their families.

It's A Special Day!!

It's a VERY special day in Blogville.  Today we are celebrating Mr. Frankie, our illustrious mayor, and his puppy, Young Master Ernie.  We cannot think of a better time to lift a paw and a set of ears to say "Woot!" than today!  In fact, every day we should celebrate Mr. Frankie!

Not only is Frankie a fantastic blogger, keeping us in the know on how to do auto maintenance, gardening, puppy raising, and the like, he has shown his great love for the members of Blogville, always lifting a paw in service, raising awareness of things going on, setting up a government of other caring helpers, and wrangling Puddles.  (I'm pretty sure the last one takes most of his time.)

And with all that stuff going on, he (with the help of Ernie and his momma) still have time to work in their garden on the hill, stop by all our blogs to inspire and encourage, and help keep his dad and Jennifer Jeep under control.  Serious, I think he needs a legion of administrative assistants!!

So from our family to yours, we send you many woofs, licks, paws up and hugs to the most deserving recipient of the Blogville Community Service award, Mr. Frankie Furter Price!!

Me and Milo, Relaxing

Milo and I love our new hammock!

But even in the shade of the big maple tree, its still hot on a little black dog.

Farm Life Photos, Wordless Wednesday

Milo and Dixie Standing Guard

Trip to Lowe's

We LOVE going to Lowe's.  Its one of the few places that we can go into the store and enjoy shopping with mom.  We usually go once a week.  We believe mom just makes up excuses to go shopping there. But this trip we had to buy something in particular.  You see our human brother broke the little bracket thingy which holds the shower in place.  So when you try and shower, the handheld shower falls onto your head, knocking you out, and you wake up cold and not washed up well.

Like all good southern people we know how to jimmy-rig it up with cable ties, but momma wouldn't have none of that for long. So off we went to Lowe's to find us a new shower head.  

It is fun for us to go shopping with our family.  And we think its fun for the people, too.  The customers always smile when they see us trotting into the garden center. And the workers, who are always so friendly anyway, are even more so when we say "Hi" to them!

We've noticed that people are really good about not bending down to pet us without permission.  And children, especially, are very careful around us.  We are very glad that people and parents are being very careful.  Although we are nice and would never be mean to people on purpose, it is never good to just pet a dog without the permission of the dog parent.

Mom found her new showerhead thingy.  Not that we helped AT ALL.  Seriously, she took us down the shower aisle and we got all shaky and shivery just like we were going to take a bath!  The Lowe's worker chuckled at the way we were acting!

The shower head has the handheld part and a regular shower head...and both have the massage feature.... so you get lots of water splishing and splashing on you now to make those tired farm muscles happy!

We cannot wait for our next trip to Lowe's.  Momma always has a long list of things to do over her days off.  It's just part of living on a farm!

Bird Watching

We have added a bird bath and bird feeder to one side of our house.  All day long the birds come and grab a bit of food then drink water.  The sparrows are the cutest of the bunch.  One little sparrow will grab some food then take it to his sparrow friend to share the meal.  Not only is it fun for me to watch, it is mesmerizing to little dogs!

Weekend in Review

A little view into our world this past weekend...

New Hammock... We had to try it out.

Oh, yeah... The hammock works PERFECTLY!

Milo going ALL IN!

Food hangover

Pretty-ful blooming life on the farm.

Watched Men in Black in the backyard! (we projected on to the side of our barn)

Snoring Dixie


Farm Life

Decisions, Decisions!

What? It's time for a nail trim?

I think you mean time for a nap?

Yes... Definitely time for a nap!
We've had company all weekend, so I agree with Dixie that a nap today is gonna be high on my list of to dos.  Also on that list is staying in my jammies all afternoon, curing my food hang-over (too much food, in too short a time), and being thankful that Dixie, Milo and Reed's Uncle Bill and Aunt Darlene came for a visit!

Time for a Wienie Roast!!

Temps are in the low 80's and every dachshund knows it's time to work on that belly tan!


Milo and Dixie showing a great amount of restraint waiting for their Uncle Bill and Aunt Darlene to get here from Texas by staring intently at the driveway.

Dixie Isn't a Morning Dog

The arborist came to treat our ash trees at the awful hour of 8 am!! Pretty sure we all wanted coffee.

Root Cellar

We've been busy getting the outside ready for Summer, and for the coming harvest in the fall!  One of the BIGGIES was getting the Root Cellar ready.

I won't show you the inside, because honestly the pictures look horrible.  Suffice it to say there are shelves that are ready for the boxes of empty canning jars.  Perhaps one day I will take out some sort of light source to help you see the inside.  You know, after I have 50 jars of salsa inside!

But here is the outside! Its freshly painted with Porter Paints Acrylic white.  Honestly I cannot say enough about getting GOOD quality paint.  One rolling stroke took care of the outside.  I had cheap Walmart paint for the door which took 5 coats!!!  Next time, and every time thereafter, I will pay the extra and get the good stuff.

The cinder blocks are not perfect as the earth has shifted over the last 50 years.  But it only effects the aesthetics of the building not the safety or weatherproof quality.  The inside is dry as a bone.  in fact I have a cupboard of quilts and pillows in there for use in the backyard when we have "Pennington Movie Night".  We have a projector, a screen and a kick-butt sound system.  And I have it completely wireless out there so I can take my Roku to watch things on Netflix or movies housed on my computer.  Thus is the perks of having a computer/hardware degree!

On my door is my pretty little 'outside' wreath made from things lying around my garage. I'm gonna add some pretty little terra cotta pots, but as purchasing things involves me going into town, that will have to wait until Friday.

We made a little something special for the outside of my root cellar, too!  What started as a wooden twin bed head and foot board is now a garden bench!  I found several examples on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make it, but never really had the time nor the inclination to make that first cut into the pretty wood.  I bought the twin bed at Goodwill, using it in my smallish guest room in my old city house.  After we moved to our smaller farm house we had no use for it... we have no guest room!!  So it had been sitting in the garage, unused and unloved..

I do not have any 'in process' pictures to show you.  Honestly if you google DIY Headboard to Bench you'll find tutorial after tutorial on how to make them.  Each headboard/footboard combination is gonna be different, so you'll have to adjust on the fly.  I only knew I wanted slats that went side to side so that the front would be smooth on the back of my knees.  I will tell you we used furniture dowels to connect the foot board to the headboard making the arms and we used L-brackets to attach the seat slats.  Like I mentioned, each bed will result in different 'needs', so research a bit if you are wanting to make one of these glorious benches.

Here is a picture before the sanding and painting.... You can see the parts of the head and foot boards and what we had to add to make the bench.  It is a little low, but all in all it is a fantastic piece which adds a lot of color to my root cellar area!

Living on a farm is a work in progress... but its awfully fun :)

Wordless Wednesday

(Imagine the aroma of pork chops on the grill....then you will understand these pictures)

Nickname Game

Lots of us fur-kids have special nicknames.  And our friend, Sarge, is sponsoring a Nickname Game (click the link to see more).  I saw it on Marley's blog, so here are our nicknames:

  1. Sometime between May 11th and end of the day on May 18th, create a post on your own blog where you list all of the nicknames you’ve been called by your peeps.
  2. Invite your furiends to comment with their own vote for his/her favorite of your nicknames.  For the following week, your peeps all have to call you ONLY BY YOUR WINNING NICKNAME!  BOL
  3. Leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated.
Milo's nicknames:
  1. Buddy-Feller
  2. My Doh
  3. Doh-cephus
  4. Doh-regard
  5. BF
  6. Doh
  7. Dohber
  8. Twiddle-Dee
  9. Yahootinanner
  10. HB (don't ask...)
Dixie's nicknames:
  1. Pumpkin
  2. Doodle Bug
  3. Doodly-Do
  4. The Evil One
  5. Dixie Lou Marie
  6. The Devil's Handmaiden
  7. Hardhead
  8. Twiddle-Dumb
  9. Yahootinanny
  10. Mouthy


Milo is a fantastic Snooper-visor. He will stay right with you, watching intently, and never stray from his job.

All this weekend, this was the look I was getting during every chore.  He was never 'under foot', but always just close enough to watch what his humans were up to and try to figure out why we were making so many noises

Everyone should have a dachshund SUPERvisor around. They make chores so much better.

Milo (and Dixie) are currently sleeping off their weekend's activities. 

Mother's Day

It's been a while since I had a mother of my own. You see mine passed away the year I was graduating college.  My dad had passed away a couple months before my high school graduation, and since his passing she just didn't "do" well.  It's hard to explain, but she was merely a ghost of herself since the love of her life was gone.

She was a fantastic mom.  Showing me love through the things she did, and didn't, do.  In fact, the whole reason I have this little white house, with it's black shutters, on 2.5 acres of land, is because my mom showed me how to live in a little white house on 3+ acres of land.  She showed me every day how to take care of my house, family and farm so that everyone who entered and exited was different.

She is the epitome of the following quote:

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."  Mother Teresa

I know she blessed everyone around her... and she blessed me.


Milo and Dixie gave me a card for Mother's Day.  It has a dachshund on the front!!! They went together with Reed to buy me my favorite M&Ms... this was after they spent 8 hours yesterday working outside with me, which was to be my Mother's Day gift!!  *I've trained all 3 of them right!!!*   (I would show you the one Reed bought, but he forgot to sign it. :D)


Loves a trip to Goodwill..

If There is One Thing 'Doh Hates...

There are a million things he hates... nail trimmings, baths, squirrels, people coming to our house, people driving past our house, people coming to the neighbors house... but his biggest nemesis, since the dawn of time, is the push mower.

Of all the garden instruments of torture, our little Milo desires to kill the push mower!!  The tiller? No problem... in fact, after the dirt is tilled, he is out rolling in it.  The blower or weed-eater? Not even afraid of them... mostly indifferent.  And the biggest of them all, the riding mower? OMG, the riding mower he loves like a fat kid loves cake!! 'Specially if I hook up the pull behind cart and give him and Dixie a ride around the property.  I mean, think of it, a walk without walking an inch! That is dachshund nirvana!  He will go to sleep if you drive him around long enough.

But the push mower?  Shoot! It doesn't even have to be powered on to get Milo going.  It goes down something like this video, until we have to carry him in the house and grab some Valium for him (and me).

What I Did On My Day Off (So Far)

Its just 11:30, but I've been busy!! :)

New cushions for the pallet seating built last year.

Cushions found here and there $5
Ribbon I had on hand $0
Canvas Drop Cloth $8

$13 total cost for original seating.

 I put the fire-pit in the corner and added three pots of flowers (I'm fond of asymmetry)

I have pink geraniums and inpatients in the pots.. with some weird purple leaf flower my mom used to like.... No clue on the name.

Dollar Store Wreath.

Swim noodle, taped together to make a circle
4x 50' Plastic Rope
1x wire ribbon
1x each daisies and poppies (two of my favorite flowers)

$8 total cost.

I will take pictures of the rest of the deck and porch after we clean on Saturday... and after all my Memorial Day/Patriotic stuff is out.

Attention Evfurrybody

Today is my mum's burfday!!!!

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