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Apparently Newby Isn't the Only Photo Bomber Out There!

Soz I finally get myself into a position so I can start commenting and posting again, starting with the last blog on my list "We Three Doxies" with Miss Puddles... and it's all about photo bombing! :) Apparently Newby and Puddles have been conspiring behind mine and Allison's backs.

She even photo bombed the raffle picture.  Of course it is SOO cute we had to use it for our announcement about the raffle starting for our Back to School Bash!

So don't forget Miss Madi's mom made the most gorgeousful scarf to be raffled off to one lucky winner. There are two great looking books to be raffled as well.  Every thing involving the raffle is going on at  Mona and Weenie's bloggie.  And the best part?? It is only $1 to buy a ticket. 

We are SOOOOO excited about our bookbags which Sarge and his wonderful momma made for us. They are already packed with treats and tennis balls and stuffies and unstuffies and... what mom? no, we didn't?!?... Ok, so our backpacks are stuffed with stupid paper and pencils and rulers and dumb stuff like that. -mom the buzz kill-

Here are the lists of classes copied straight from Frankie's Blog.  Be sure to sign up for our class! Newby, Milo and Dixie are ready to teach!

HERE are the LINKS fur the FUN   ACTIVITIES and the CLASSES fur our SECOND ANNUAL     Blogville.... BACK to SCHOOL BASH...       YOU may use these LINKS   to  get yourself REGISTERED fur any or ALL of the Classes...     In case you have not done so already.
All Classes and the RIDES and the Apples fur Teachers and the DOOR PRIZE Chip In will be posted on the Teacher Blogs...   on   WED.  Sept. 12th.. 
TEACHER      CLASS Title(s)    
Higgins        Class      Security 101 How to Serve and Pawtect
Nora             Class       How to train a Foster Brother or Sister
Kelly            Class      Dieting
Noodles        Class      Walking like a Prince or Princess

Nola             Class       Modeling and OR Minion Ruling
Echo             Class      Comfy Places to Rest or Sleep     AND...   a super LUNCH BOOTH  
Frankie Furter         Class         PAWli Sci.
Jazzi              Class         Creative Table Snatching
Kresty Krew        Class  # 1 Jimnastikals    and   Class #2   Deportment
Sarge     to SEE ALL of  the BACKPACKS    and  fur  seeing the   BOOKS for Door Prize drawing

Pip          Drawing fur DoorPrize.. BOOKS only
Puddles       Drawing fur Door Prize... Scarf Only
Casey        Class         Back to School Fashion Tips
Sasha    Awesome Possum Pizza Booth and Rolling TRUCK...  available fur Class Break times too...
Tucker         Class        How to Chews Toys
Milo Dixie and Newby      Class #1. Dachshund German fur Peeps  and  
                                      Class # 2. College Prep.  Blanket Fluffing
Daisy Bella & Roxy       Class         Mathematics 121   Dog/Cat to Treat Correspondence
Madi        Class     Napping 101           AND the SCARF for the Door Prize
Mona & Weenie    Class     School Bus Riding Rules       
            PLUS   This is where you will find the CHIP IN for Door Prizes (2 book set and Crocheted Scarf)  
 AND .....ALSO  the   CHIP IN for Bumble Bee and Plane RIDES and Apples for your Teacher(s)
      THESE CHIP IN THINGYS    are for Miss Sandra and the Houston Pittie Pack...   to help them get settled in their new home...    A very special Lady.. is going to MATCH what we earn here up to $500.00.
We cannot wait to see you all in class tomorrow! :)      


Frankie Furter and Ernie September 11, 2012 at 1:33 PM  

OMD Newby is gettin like..... P U D D L E S ??
THAT should scare the FURS off Everybuddy.

Ernie is sooooooo excited about his furst day EVER in REAL School... I have been Home Schooling him all this time... Rather UNSUCCESSFULLY... as Ostrich can well attest to.
He asks about every 87 seconds ... WHEN IS THE BIG YELLOW BUS COMING FUR ME, FRANKIE??????
He is a PAIN under my Tail. I will be MORE than glad to have him IN YOUR CLASS... Under YOUR Control fur a while. I hope he will lissen to you!!!

Casey September 11, 2012 at 2:55 PM  

I'm SO excited!! We did a photo shoot last night for my class, and I've been working super hard on it. I hope everyone likes it.

Madi and Mom September 11, 2012 at 4:03 PM  


Anonymous September 11, 2012 at 6:33 PM  

Hope we are not to late for the classes.

Your Furends
Susie & bites

Lovable Lily September 11, 2012 at 9:04 PM  

Muffin and I are STILL in the Principals Office. Tsk, tsk, tsk..... Hope he'll let us out long enough to at least sneak a peek in the classroom windows.

Lily Belle
p.s. Newby, if I'm not allowed in class tomorrow (to sit next to you ~ sigh.....) I'll meet you after school at the special, secret place {wink, wink...}

The Websters September 11, 2012 at 10:03 PM  

Umm...we are so glad we read your blog. We TOTALLY thought Sept 14 was the first day of class.


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