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College Preparatory Blanket Fluffing

Good morning class! We are very pleased to be a part of the Back To School Bash as organized by Mayor Frankie and his evil minion, uhm, bother, we mean BROTHER, Ernie.

We are bringing a very important subject today. We are getting you ready for your senior years of blanket fluffing.  Now many of you have been fluffing blankets since you were born, but for some of you this might be your first chance to learn how to fluff a blanket and tuck a blanket.  We have three furiends, Milo, Dixie and Newby, who would like to show you blanket fluffing and tucking for different aspects of life.

So, if Puddles will stop flicking Molly with rubber bands we will begin!

Milo wants to remind you that this class isn't just for blanket tucking and fluffing.   
(Yes, Nora, we realize the word BLANKET is in the subject.) 
You can be as creative as you want.  Here, Milo has used a pillow for a blanket. 

  Blanket fluffing and tucking has been used as a means to stay warm and look cute for as long as we can remember.  I mean, just look at Miss Dixie, she has perfected the cute and warm pose.  This will get you lots of noms when you awake. And as a plus it causes your hooman to stay in a very uncomfortable position, even when she has to pee, for hours just not to disturb your slumber.

 Yeah, we don't want to disturb your slumber.  We've seen your faces when rudely awoken. We've heard your woofs and grunts of disappointment. We promise to not be those types of owners again.

 Nor do we want to be THIS type of owner.  You know the one who hogs the fluffy blankets for themselves even when faced with a furiend who is trying to get a bit of that fluffy goodness.  (Don't worry, Dixie was finally able to get under the blanket, roll herself up in it, and leave that rude hooman in the cold. Good going, Dixie.)

 In order to get this...
Some times you have to do this. Just remember hoomans are not smart. In fact, in our next class we are going to teach your hoomans some easy translations so they can get you exactly what you need.  We mean they are supposed to be your MINIONS.  Ernie, you don't have to practice it right now!! Ernie!!!!! Geez, how does your brother have any hair left on his body. You'd worry a being to the crazy farm!!! Ernie! Stop!!!! -sigh-

Sometimes you do not need to fluff or tuck. Oh, ok, yes you always need to fluff and tuck, but sometimes three furiends and 1 blanket, or in this case comforter, doesn't work.  So then we just chew bones until we can snuggle.

  Here you see Newby giving you  the "Over the top, under the bottom" technique. Yes, it is a very comfortable way to spend your afternoon, but the over the top needs to have a hooman minion to provide the heat because of the lack of a blanket.

 OR you can use a laptop for supplemental heat. 
Casey, have you seen this technique in action??

 One of the best techniques is the "Hooman Minion Holds you in a fluffy blanket".  This means she cannot work and can only love on you.  Milo loves this technique.

The most important thing is to be warm, rest well and look cute.  Because the cute factor will get you lots of noms.  And as we are all going into our Senior Years we know that noms are hard to come by, so we need to exploit this weakness as much as possible.  Just take a look at these examples and practice for a few minutes.  Mona and Weenie, we have some lighter weight blankets for you all seeing you live in Texas.  They are soft and light, but they do provide good coverage.

Yes, there is snuggle space next to Newby!! Lily Belle? Want to join in for a nap??

Whatever you do, however you do it, blanket fluffing and tucking will help your Senior years be amazing. If you have any questions, just let us know!!

Look for our Dachshund German for Peeps class later today!


Casey September 12, 2012 at 10:20 AM  

What a wonderful class! I have all sorts of new ideas. I think I'm inspired to nap right now...


Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 10:36 AM  

Oh boy, gald we took notes, cause we have a lot to understand this stuff, we are surprised at how little we understood. Now we can pratice a lot and get them to work with us poor little Scotties. Under the blankets is something new. Tanks for the SO INFORMATIVE CLASS, and excellant teackers

Your Furends
Susie & Bites

3 doxies September 12, 2012 at 3:27 PM  

BOOOOOOMBS AWAAAAAAAAY....splash! Bwhahahahaha...Ijust nailed ya'll withs a water balloon. I got it from Goose.

Ahem, okays sorry I is late to class but da hallways is packed and I gotted stepped on by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I was borned to do blanket fluffin', I do be very good at it.

Newby and Lily Belle sittin' in tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g...furst come loves...then comes marriage...then comes Shelle with a heap load more of doxies.


Frankie Furter and Ernie September 12, 2012 at 3:30 PM  

Sooooooo sorry about Ernie.. he was trying to dry his furs.. after Goose and Puddles hit us with ANOTHER Water Balloon.

THIS is an EXCELLENT Class. I'm not getting any younger and I need to think of you retirement.. once my stint as Mayor of Blogville ends in November. I really like all the methods and materials that you have shown us.
This was very easy to understand. You are Excellent Teachers. THANK YOU.

Lovable Lily September 12, 2012 at 5:57 PM  

Oh Newby, there is just something about your face {swooning}.... I got to peek in the window long enough to see you doing your napping demo.

I would love to cuddle right in next to you for a nap, but I'm a young lady and don't nap on the first date. I think we should get to know each other a little bit better first. I'm sure that will be A-OK with you!

Lily Belle
p.s. Puddles D. Rainwater.... Mind your own P's & Q's! You work your side of the street and I'll work mine (as my very wise Grandma use to say...)

scotsmad September 12, 2012 at 6:09 PM  

Sehr Gut! We might have to use a few of those phrases on the cats around here....because they definitely don't understand English.....or maybe they're just ignoring us. You never know with cats.

We're not into having blankets over us. But some great ideas on fluffing. We tend to do it at night, trying to get it just right....and get yelled at. You are so right some humans are THICK!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Amber DaWeenie September 12, 2012 at 7:35 PM  

Dey all sounds like HBO words to me! BWHahahahah

My lesson learned today. Us weenies all speak exactly the same language!!!


The Websters September 12, 2012 at 8:45 PM  

Ok, but how did you know Master is a writer and that I am VERY particular about grammar? Like Master like Nora.

Good class. Now, I don't need blankies but I will pass on the information.


Marley September 13, 2012 at 10:43 AM  

Great class! One should be a lifelong learner, according to Lady, to stay young and interesting!

Mr. Pip September 13, 2012 at 11:28 AM  

Blanket fluffing is truly an art ...just like laundry fluffing, doesn't matter if it is clean or dirty, it is all about the fluff.

Your pal, Pip

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